Enhancded Reality

The folliwing story has been modified from it’s original version. It has been formatted to be more funny. The characters in this story are real people. There names have all been changed besides mine (Katie). It is your job to determine what is real and what isn’t.

Time: 1:40
Place: School
Activity: Lunch

“You have too few tater tots.” The lunch lady told Lily. “Put them in the bin.”

“What are you talking about? These are my tater tots! They are staying on my tray!” Lily argues, angry with herself for eating her tater tots in the lunch line.
The lunch lady grabs the tater tots and puts them in the bin. Lily stomps off, angry at life, angry at the lunch lady, angry at….

“Mmmmm…. These tater tots are soooooo good!” Alex says, chewing slowly on her tater tots.
Angry at Alex. Okay, Lily wasn’t that angry at Alex.

“Hey Lily, check it out! Somebody dropped a tube of lipstick by our table!”
In a flash Lily’s mood changed from mildly annoyed to over-the-top excited.

“Oooooooooh! Unscrew the top so I can ‘accidentally’ step on it!”
Lily watches Katie unscrew the lip gloss top and set it on the ground by Lily’s shoe. Lily stomps down hard on the tube, but misses. She tries again, this time connecting with her target. She watches the glittery ribbon soar through the air, right to Katie’s shirt.

“Lily! I was going to give you a tater tot, but not anymore!” Katie looks down at her tater tots. “Okay, I’m still going to give you one, but still!”
Good ol’ Katie, Lily thinks. If I had done that to Alex or Ariana, i would have been so much more sorry. Lily watches Katie dab at her lip gloss stained shirt with a paper towel, and smiles.

Lessons of the day:

It’s a good thing we sit by a paper towel dispenser
If you want to do a prank, do it to Katie
You don’t want to sit at our lunch table
Lily has mood swings
Ariana needs to participate in our lunch conversations more, same with Alex. Or Katie and Lily need to talk less. No, Ariana and Alex need to talk more.


4 thoughts on “Enhancded Reality

  1. OMG this is funny i would say whats change but i dont want to like runit for anybody else but i liked it are you going to do one for each day at lunch cuz i think that would be fun i have made my last name be VanDee cuz that was my greatgrandpas (with my last name withit to vanDee********) on it to but he thought it was to long so when he went throught elis ils. so he shorened it to ********

    -Lilly VanDee

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