Rant on Editing

Everyone has to edit something or other at sometime in their life, and since I dream of becoming a successful author, I’m probably going to have to edit more than the average person. You might think, “No, you don’t have to edit! The editor will do that for you!” Well if you think that, you’re wrong.

It’s the authors job to edit! The editors job is to do what the author cannot. Before the author gives a piece of their work to the editor, they make it as good as it can be. This may mean editing it more than once.

Editing might not sound like fun, and sometimes it isn’t. I personally enjoy it, because I get to reread all my work and make it better/funnier/awesomer etc. But it might not be fun for you.

When I edit, I like to print off a copy of my work. I write my first draft on the computer, and I find that if I print it off, it’s easier to look at it in a new way; easier to spot my mistakes. I always edit in pen. I like to use the ones with flowing ink, so that you barely have to press down to use it. I don’t know, why. I guess it just puts me in an editing mood.

And that’s all I have to say about editing.

Rant concluded.


2 thoughts on “Rant on Editing

  1. Hi. Since you were the contest winner, I am here to write a guest post on your blog? Would you like anything specific? Should it have a certain topic? Also, How should I get it to you? Thanks a ton. 🙂

    • Hmmm… (rubs chin thoughtfully) How about pros and cons of doing sript frenzy? Or as some call it, Screnzy. I think I’ll start calling it Screnzy. So pro’s and con’s of doing Screnzy. Or how to write a script. Would both be overkill? Nevermind. I don’t want to be to demanding. Just one. As for how will you get it to me… how about you email it to me. I will post it, making sure in big bold script it says your name. Also I’ll include a link to your blog. Sound good?

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