Sheltered? Not so much.

My brother thinks my parents shelter me too much, and that I get sheltered more than he or my other brother do. Yes, this is kind of true, but I’m not that sheltered. I’ve been to many different states, but not out of the country, I go places, to restaurants, and I notice things that most people just pass by.

Do I live a sheltered life? Well, sure! Every parent shelters his or her child. Am I sheltered more than my brothers? Yup. Probably because I’m the only girl, and I’m still only twelve. Are there so many things I want to do, but probably won’t? How many twelve year olds get to go sky diving? Or driving for that matter.

What is a sheltered life? Well, I think it means you don’t get out much. You don’t get to go places, see things, experience.

Life is good. But it can be better.


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