Year of the Tiger

I was born in the year of the tiger, so I decided to do some research. If you look around the page you’ll probably see a link to a website that will give a very brief description of all the animals, but I wanted some more information. Time to hunt the wild land of Google!

I’ve made it to the border of Google. Now all I have to do is cross it. Crossing means certain confusion. Many will try and persuade me to abandon my quest, but I shall prevail! I search: year of the tiger meaning, and cross the border. The first link that comes up seems to honestly want to help me complete my quest, but then agian, somethings are not as they seem. I decide to enter anyways with the click of my mouse. In a stroke of genuine good luck the link holds true to it’s first appearance, and is loaded with valuable information.

From the website: I got this information about a tiger’s personality:

Tiger Personality
Tiger people are difficult to resist, for they are magnetic characters and their natural air of authority confers a certain prestige on them. They are tempestuous yet calm, warm-hearted yet fearsome, courageous in the face of danger yet yielding and soft in mysterious, unexpected places. They enjoy life full of challenges and unexpected events, like visiting unusual places and meet interesting outstanding people. Other people in their part are easily attracted by the tiger’s enthusiasm and the course of life. Tiger person finds a pleasure in unpredictable, and while other people would rather make a backward step, he/she is not afraid to explore new and unusual. But it is not that simple to interest the tiger. What they really need is first-hand experience. Usually open and frank, these people are likely to withdraw and you can be aggressive when trapped. As soon as the tiger person has regained his/her sense of security his/her confidence also returns, enabling him/her to set out once more. These people usually tend to trust their instincts, though there is another side of their personality, which assesses situations thoughtfully before launch any actions. Their friends usually secretly admire their determination and optimism, though sometimes may find it complicated to share the tiger’s enthusiasm and can be pushed away and left behind. In spite of the fact that tiger people can be courageous and generous friends, if they are not able to achieve what they want, they can be inflexible and self-centered. So if your friend was born in the year of the tiger, there will be highs and lows in your friendship, but the friendship itself will remain firm.

After reading this, I decided to revise my search, for this was a little too in depth for me. I returned to the border of Google, thankful I hadn’t traveled too far. I changed my search to: year of the tiger meaning for kids, hoping this would yeild more fruitful results.

The first link I was hesitant to click on, and rightfully so. This link led me to a craft for kids. Not what I was looking for at all. The second link was similar to the first one, and the third link was the same as the first one on my first search. With a sigh I changed my search back to how it was before. I was back where I started.

After doing a bit more searching, I clicked on the third link. This link was very helpful, and much like the first one.

From the website: I got this information about a tiger’s personality:

Personality Traits:
People born under the year of the Tiger tend to have very go-ahead personalities, they love to be the centre of attention and are often very fortunate and full of drive. Although they are often skeptical by nature they can make rash decisions, but above all they are loving, giving, and genuine. They tend to immerse themselves in any of their undertakings and while full of optimism they are not materialistic. Intensity as opposed to logical best describes a Tiger person. At their worst they are stubborn, self-centred and awkward but on the plus side they can also be sensitive and sympathetic. They will go to great lengths to reap their revenge and detest being ignored. As a tiger, life will be filled with just about every emotion and very volatile; and being great optimists life will also be full of many challenges

And thus concludes my adventures through Google, and my quest to learn about the year of the tiger.


4 thoughts on “Year of the Tiger

  1. Haha that’s cool u did a lot of research on the year u were born, all I know is I’m the rat and I think that means like artsy or something…

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