Enhanced Reality

The following story has been modified from it’s original version. It has been formatted to be more funny. The characters in this story are real people. There names have all been changed besides mine (Katie). It is your job to determine what is real and what isn’t.

Time: 1:40
Place: School
Activity: Lunch

          Lilly slammed her 700 page book on the lunch table, a few inches away from the nerds hand.  The nerd squealed, and jumped back a few feet.  Katie observed Lilly’s smirk, and stifled a snicker of her own.  Lilly, Katie, Ariana, and Alex slid into line easily.  Katie found it strange that no one protested when they budged.  Normally someone complained….


Sitting at the lunch table…

“We need to do something interesting.” Lilly said, crumpling her tinfoil wrapper into a ball. 

“Why?” Katie asked.  “Oh.  For my blog?”

“Yeah.” Lilly said. 

“I could punch someone.” Ariana offered.  

“Nah.  How about…” Lilly threw her tinfoil ball at Katie. 

“Hey!  No ones going to find that interesting!” Katie shouts, throwing it back at Lilly. 
          Lilly proceeded to throw it at Ariana who threw it at Alex, who threw it at Lily, who threw it on the ground where it disappeared under a table.  Katie takes and invisible tinfoil wrapper and crumples it into an invisible tinfoil ball.  With a sly smile she tosses it at Lilly, who in return chucks it at Ariana’s face.  Ariana stared ahead for three seconds after the invisible ball “hit” her, and then makes her head fly back, black hair flying everywhere.  We all chuckle at her delayed reaction.  Then Ariana picks up the ball and swallows it.  After rubbing her stomach dramatically, she burps it back up and throws it at me.  I make an “ewwwww!” face and throw it to Lilly, who also eats the ball and burps it back up. 

“Oh my god, oh my god!  I just realized something!  You know how in Twilight when Bella comes to watch the Cullen’s play baseball and when she gets to the clearing and sees Alice and Jasper throwing the ball back and forth so fast that she can’t see it?  Oh my god, we’re vampires!”  
          After reporting her sudden realization, Lilly tosses the invisible ball high into the air.  We all look up. 

Lesson of the day:

  • Do not look up when someone throws an invisible ball.  You can never tell if it’s going to hit you in the face or not. 

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