My Dress Shopping Trip WILL Happen!

If you read my post a little about me, you know that I want to go dress shopping with my friends, but not buy any dresses- just try them on. 

I am determined to make this wish a reality!  I WILL go on this trip with AT LEAST three of my friends.  I WILL do this before my thirteenth birthday. 

I WILL take pictures of every dress!  I WILL try on lots of dresses! 

The rules WILL be:

  1. Every person WILL try on AT LEAST three dresses at any store
  2. If anyone challenges someone, that person WILL try on the dress she was challenged to put on
  3. Everyone WILL have a picture taken of them in EVERY dress they try on.  Yes, even the ones they were challenged to try on
  4. This WILL happen!
  5. I WILL post most (if not all) the pictures on my blog

3 thoughts on “My Dress Shopping Trip WILL Happen!

  1. Id like to do the dress shopping thing, I did that with my sister the other day. I put two of the pictures on facebook. Although I think you saw them at archery already. You know, the red/black strapless and the purple tie-neck. So yeah, I would like to do the dress thing and I would also be able to put the pictures on facebook so they will be on here and facebook!

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