Tests, Tests, Tests! [Trimesters: Pros and Cons]

This week has been busy.  And it all ended today.  Why was it busy?  Three words:  End.  Of.  TRIMESTER!  And we all know what this means…  PAUSE: If you don’t, you didn’t read the title.  Take a moment to rethink why your reading this.  All done?  Good.  PLAY: And we all know what this means… TESTS!  I, like any sane person, hate tests.  I hate how much they affect your grade.  I hate how quiet it has to be during the tests.  I hate how the teachers give you candy when you’re taking a test for the state, but not any other tests.  I had four tests so far this week.  Reading/English: 95 questions.  Math: 27 questions.  Science: 40 questions.  History: 40 questions. 

95 QUESTIONS?!?!  Thankfully we got two class periods to do all this, but here’s my logic.  45 minutes in a class period x 2 class periods= 90 minutes total.  90 minutes – a few for explanations at the beginning of class.  So we’re down to 80 minutes.  80 minutes.  95 questions, plus you have to read all the poems, short stories, essays, etc.  I am a fast test taker, so I got done with time to spare, but lots of kids didn’t finish.  Luckily for them, we have a super awesome teacher that is fighting the district for us!  She says NO to this long test!  She also says that if we do good on this test, it will have a postitive inpact on our grade, but if we do bad she will not let this unfair test harm our grade!  Hurray for me too, because I’m not feeling too swell about how I did on that test….

My next point:  Since first grade, the year has been split into quarters, but this year, the district decided to switch it up a bit and change it to trimesters.  I am a hardcore fan of quarters, so this didn’t sit too well with me.  Quarters are so much better than trimesters, and I will prove it! 

Pros and Cons of Trimesters:

PRO: Three big “end of the trimester” test weeks, as opposed to four big “end of the quarter test weeks
CON:  Longer tests

PRO:  Some teachers give us four bathroom passes per trimester
CON: Most teachers stick with three per trimester

CON: You can’t tell when it’s half way through the year without keeping track, whereas with quarters the end of the second quarter symbolizes the half way point

CON: Three teacher grading days off at the end of the trimester, instead of the four you get with quarters

There.  I think that is enough information.  I conclude that quarters are better than trimesters.


2 thoughts on “Tests, Tests, Tests! [Trimesters: Pros and Cons]

  1. I see all your points, but I somewhat disagree because I am a little biased this year… We only have to do 3 book reports instead of 4 🙂 Another pro is that we get longer passing time (5 minutes instead of last year’s 4). HOWEVER, the high school is changing to trimesters next year as well, but they are decreasing the passing time (7 minutes instead of 10) so they can fit 5 classes into a day instead of what is now 4. And of course this has to happen my first year of high school 😦 😦

  2. Yeah, they have to screw everything up, don’t they? And as for the book report thing… well, I see your point. But longer passing time wasn’t because of trimesters, it was because the preschoolers and kindergarteners and young folks invaded our school.

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