Enhanced Reality

The following story has been modified from it’s original version. It has been formatted to be more funny. The characters in this story are real people. There names have all been changed besides mine (Katie). It is your job to determine what is real and what isn’t.

Time: 1:40
Place: School
Activity: Lunch

“Katie, I got an apple for you.” Lilly said, as she sat down at our lunch table. 

“I don’t need it, I got one for myself, and I don’t want another.” Katie replied. 

“Okay.  Who should I throw it at?” Lilly asked.

“Don’t.” Katie said. 

“But I really want too.” Lilly says, making puppy dog eyes.  Katie shakes her head.  
          Lilly only needed to look at the apple to know she didn’t want it.  She glanced at the white ceramic drinking fountain and grinned.  Lilly stuck her arm out and dropped the apple in the drinking fountain.  Katie only shrugged, and took a bite out of her own apple.  The girl sitting next to Ariana twisted her empty water plastic water bottle.  The cap burst off the top and hit Alex in the neck. 

“Owwwww!” Alex hollered.  
          Lilly, Katie, and Ariana turned and glared at the girl to Ariana’s right.  She gave them a sheepish smile. 

“Say you’re sorry.” Lilly demanded. 

“S-sorry.”  The girl stammered. 

“Like you mean it.” Ariana glared, and then gave her the evil eye. 

“I’m sorry.” She said.

“I’m sorry…” Katie prompted. 

“I’m sorry Alex!” The girl said.

“Good.” Katie, Ariana, and Lilly said. 
          At that moment something rolled on the floor, hitting Lilly’s ankle. 

“What the…” Lilly saied, picking up an apple. 
          She looked at the drinking fountain, grinned, and added the aplle to her collection. 

Lessons of the Day:

  • Apples are meant for eating, not drinking fountains
  • Don’t get sick, sick=miserable

I know this wasn’t as funny as usual, but nothing interesting happened at lunch.  I did my best.  Thanks for reading!


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