Lunch Rules

If you’ve read some of my Enhanced Realities, you must have realized how disgusting our school lunch is.  But if you haven’t, I’ll go into detail about what you find in the average lunch. 

Spaghetti: undercooked noodles

Chicken Nuggets: the meat looks really… inedible

Chicken Patty: I once found bones in the meat

Popcorn Chicken: see “Chicken Nuggets”

Taco’s: All in all, a decent meal

Hamburger: I have found no faults with the hamburgers.  Probably because I don’t eat them.

Now, I’m sure you’re wondering how we get through lunch.  Well, we follow some basic rules, and here they are:

Lunch Rules:

  1. Shake your chocolate milk, just do it. 
  2. Don’t look at the inside of your food
  3. Keep milk handy
  4. Don’t think too much about what you’re eating
  5. Don’t eat the canned fruit
  6. Make sure food that’s supposed to be warm, is
  7. Make sure you can’t pick up all the mashed potatoes with one spoon
  8. Make sure your tray isn’t wet

If you follow all these rules, you will survive lunch.


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