Farewells, Word, and inkpop

First off, I’d like to say farewell to all of you, because I possibly, maybe, probably won’t be posting the next few days.  Now that that’s over with, I’d like to share my biggest pet peeve with all of you.  You know when you’re typing on a word document?  And you misspell a word?  And you get a little, red, squiggly underline?  THAT my friends, is my biggest pet peeve.  And, today is a magical day, for I learned of a way to turn off those little, stupid, annoying underlines!  HURRAY!  And finally, inkpop.  www.inkpop.com is an amazing place for teen writers, and I’m planning on posting my story on there!  That is, once I edit all eight chapters, and once I get someone else to edit all eight chapters once I’m done editing them.  But, check inkpop out!  It’s a really cool place, and it’s all for teen writers!  And did I mention a chance to get published?  And the contests?  And that you don’t have to write, but you can read and comment on what others write too!  It’s so cool!  PUBLISHED?!?!


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