So today was my first day skiing! I’d like to tell you that I fell off the side of the mountain and broke my leg, or that I totally rocked some double black diamonds, but that’s not the case. Actually, I had a pretty normal day. I took lessons, and we went on mostly green circles, but gathered the confindence to do a few blue squares. Maybe two or three blues all together.

One interesting thing that did happen today was that I misses our first run! While we were in line for the lift, I started to get a headache, and this was very odd, because I’ve NEVER had a headach before. Then I started to feel like I was going to puke, and just as we were almost to the front of the line, I got so dizzy, and my vision got all blurry like I was going to faint. The ski instructor told me to sit down and that they’d see how I was feeling when they came down the mountain. It was probably that my body hadn’t yet adjusted to the altitude, but I thought I’d share my experience with you.


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