Screnzy: Pros & Cons

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If you haven’t already guessed, I’m kikiann11, of Kirsten Writes! (non)fame. So, I have my guest post for you here. I hope you have fun skiing.
Pros and Cons of Script Frenzy
Hi, I’m Kirsten from Kirsten Writes! Ktlemonhead, the lovely writer of this blog won my contest and she had me for one wish; her wish was for me to write her a post about Screnzy. So, without further ado, here is my post!
Script Frenzy is an annual event similar to Nanowrimo that takes place in April. The biggest difference between Script Frenzy and Nanowrimo is that in Script Frenzy, you write a script. You can write any kind of script, from the next huge sitcom to a groundbreaking graphic novel (yes, graphic novels have scripts!). So, here are some pros and cons of doing Script Frenzy:
Let’s start with the cons and get them over with.
It takes time. April is a busy month, and writing an entire script is time consuming. You have to commit to writing several pages per day, which some people can’t do.
You have to learn how to write a script. Anybody can sit down and write a novel; it’s just plain writing. However, with scripts, you need to know about how to format a script, from sluglines to stage directions. It’s really difficult. Plus, you have to learn it all in March.
The forums are dead. On Nanowrimo, the forums are alive all year, with new RPs and threads popping up all day. On Script Frenzy, there are maybe 100 total threads. That’s less than the RP threads alone on the Nanowrimo site. You just don’t get that same forum experience.
Now, we can get into the pros!
Scriptwriting is new. This is a double edged sword, but sometimes it’s nice to get out of just writing novels. Writing a script is a new, fun, challenge. Who knows, you might like it more than noveling!
Screnzy is easier than Nanowrimo. Many people who have done both have said it; Script Frenzy is just easier than Nanowrimo. Maybe it’s the fact that it’s pages, not words, but Script Frenzy goes faster than Nanowrimo.
Writing is fun! I know this is a bit generic, but it fits. We all love to write, and what’s better for writing than a fast paced creative challenge? Screnzy is fun because writing is fun, and if you like to write, you will like to scriptwrite.
So, here is my case. Three pros and three cons. I’m very excited about Screnzy myself and if you join, buddy me (I’m Kikiann111, by the way).


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