I’m not writing this blog to get views, I’m trying to improve my writing skills, but lately I haven’t been getting as many views. I’m okay with that, but I wanted to post something today, so I’m just going to “go with the flow”. I probably will not post this. This is just lame.

Reasons for fewer views:

• I added my all my friends that have blogs as contributers, and I don’t think thier views count anymore.

• Their views still count, but they abondoned me. If this is the case, they’d better be ready for a pummeling when I get back to Minnesota! }:0

• I haven’t been posting as often now that I’m on vacation. I will try and post multiple times a day. I have nothing better to do. (pushes homework deeper into bag)

• People think I’m a terrible writer and stopped visiting my blog. Highly unlikely.

• I write about boring topics that no one really cares about, so they stop visiting my blog. Extremely likely. (I’m writing about stupid views, so I’m not even going to try be optimistic here)

So, if you made it through that, good for you! Or bad for you, I just waisted your time. If this is the case, and I did end up posting this, I am extremely sorry. You know what? I think I’m actually going to post this. :€ <—- Vampire smiley face! At least you learned one cool thing! 😉


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