Manga and an Awesome Person

I have discovered a new love, the love of MANGA!  I enjoy the awesome books so much, so that it can be hard to breathe!  I suppose it would be a little too… dramatic to put it that way though.  After all, I have only read four manga books in my life!  (albeit in four days…)  Anyways, one of my dearest friends, Fur, introduced me to these magnificent books.  She started me off on the heart-throbbing series Fruits Basket.  Once again, overly dramatic, but it is heart-throbbing!  Or so I’ve heard from all the people who have spoiled the ending for me.  The worst part is, our library only has books 1-15 (there are 23 books) and they’re MISSING BOOK FIVE!!!  Is this not devastating?  That is the book I need to read to continue with the series!  But all hope is not lost!  Behold, the manga series is also an anime!  Now, I am still getting acquainted with the language of the backwards book, and its sister TV show.  If I misuse “manga”, or “anime” in any way, please let me know!  But back to my point.  If the manga series is also an anime, that means I can watch the series on Netflix!  Hoorah!  Right now I am watching book three, so I just have to finish that, and  book four, before I can watch book five!  I should get there by… oh, sometime tonight.  Wish me luck! 

So now, my second topic.  An Awesome Person.  Don’t get me wrong, I have MANY awesome people in my life.  There’s Me, Myself, and I, but also, Fur, Frenzy, and Rainbow.  Fur is great, she introduced me to manga, and got me hooked on Fruits Basket.  But I’m not talking about her.  There’s also Frenzy, who has been editing my book for me (THANKS!), but this post is not about her either.  It’s about, you guessed it, Rainbow.  Rainbow is fantabulous.  I asked her to take a look at my blog, and she did!  Not only that, but she SAW MY MISTAKES AND MENTIONED THEM!  I cannot thank you enough, Rainbow!  Although it’s a pain to re-read every sentence after I write it to make sure it’s in tip-top condition, I will do it for you!  If I make more mistakes, TELL ME!  Not just the awesome Rainbow, but all of you!  I want to be a better writer, and the only way for me to get there is to correct my mistakes!  Once again, thanks, Rainbow!  (P.S. : How was my grammar in this post?)


6 thoughts on “Manga and an Awesome Person

  1. Hey Katie–
    Good post! I can hear the energy in your voice.

    Nothing major stuck out in terms of errors, although it should be taken into consideration that it is nearly eleven o’clock at night.

    (*Grinding*) That’s the sound of my brain trying to function. It’s not running so well right now…

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