I didn’t post yesterday. Sad face. It was because I was at the state archery tournament. Happy face. For those of you who didn’t know, I participate in a program called NASP. (I think it stands for National Archery in the Schools Program) This weekend was the state tournament. The state tournament decides a few things. Who gets medals, and who gets first and second, and so on. But also which teams get to go to nationals in Kentucky! I shot a 263/300, and that’s pretty good for me, I suppose. I wish I did better though. There are three groups in NASP. Elementary School (3-6 grade), Middle School (7-8 grade), and High School (9-12 grade). I am in Middle School. We had heard that we got third place in the tournament; my mother heard similarly. We were sad, for we had won for the past few years in a row. But when they announced third place, it wasn’t us. Neither was second. My mother feared that we hadn’t placed, while I hoped for the best. WE WON!!!! We got first place, how exciting! This was a major accomplishment. I hope we get first next year as well, that would be great!


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