For ILA Reading we have to perform a monologue in front of the class.  No biggie, but I have nothing else to share.  I chose a monologue from Princess Diaries.  Great.  Wahoo.  We have to say it with expressions, and hand motions (Hahahaha!  Maybe I can try out some of Slacker’s!).  Also, we have to have interesting facial expressions, and appropriate posture.  Slacker chose a monologue from Mean Girls.  Mean Girls is a film I have never viewed, much to my dismay, and to the horror of some others.  *cough* Lilly *cough*  Slacker’s speech is considerably shorter than mine, but I think she chose it because of the content, not the length (I hope).  Slacker may or may not be coming over today to practice with me, and if she does, I will post again updating you on how we are doing. 

I’m going to try to stay slightly on topic here.  The word “monologue” doesn’t thrill me.  This is probably because it sounds a lot like the word “monotone”, which isn’t an exciting word.  I’m pretty sure that we have a spelling word this week like monotone.  I think it’s spelled monotonous.  *clicks spell checker and holds breath*   Oh yeah!  I totally spelled it correctly!  Looks like this Thursday will go along smoothly.  We have spelling tests on Thursdays in ILA English.  I am not a fan of spelling tests, but I don’t mind Thursdays.  The reason for this is because in ILA Reading on Thursdays we get to read all hour!  That makes the blah-ness of spelling go away.  Also this means we will be performing our monologues on Wednesday, and on Friday.  I hope I get Friday.


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