Today in science class we began the dissection of a froggie.  It was very exciting.  I was one of the people who was super excited to dissect the frog.  Unfortunately, we are doing it over the course of three days.  I know, how depressing!  But today we did get to do some fun things!  We got to cut out the tongue, and take the eye out to look for some golden pearl thing.  We also got to poke it with a needle a lot!  I think I might major in Biology in college.  Although I don’t see how that will help me with my goal to become an author…  Anyways, once this was all said and done, we cleaned up.  During this clean-up time, I managed to cut myself on a scalpel.  Smooth.  It cut through my rubber glove and into my skin.  I pulled my gloves off immediately, and Slacker came over and went into overdrive.  She made me wash it out twice!  And for your information, putting soap on an open wound stings!  My science teacher didn’t have any band-aids, so I told her I would be fine. 

 While we are still on the subject of science class, a girl brought a camera to school and took a picture of our class.  Weird.  After having my picture taken twice, I walked into the hall and met my friends on my way to lunch.  At this point, I knew I would need a band-aid.  My finger was bleeding too much for me to eat without getting blood all over my food.  Gross.  Thankfully, Teal Eyes came to my rescue.  She brought me to her science classroom, and her science teacher of course had an abundance of band-aids!  So I was okay in the end.  It could have been worse; I could have broken my leg.


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