Virus, Froggies, Monologue, and The Host

I have some bad new for you. My fathers desktop computer has a virus. You’re probably thinking: Whatever. I don’t really care. But you do care, you just don’t know it yet. You see, this desktop computer just so happens to be the only computer available to me to post on my blog. Once again, I know what you’re thinking: Well you’re posting now, aren’t you? Yes. I indeed did post. FROM MY IPOD TOUCH!!!

You: So just post from there until your precious computer gets fixed

Me: That what I shall do, but my iPod posts are generally crappy

You: Why is that?

Me: They’re normally shorter, and I don’t pay as much attention to spelling and grammar on my iPod.

Now that that’s been said, shall we proceed to our next topic? Good. We finished the dissection of our frogs today, and I miraculously managed not to cut myself! Yesterday we pulled the muscle off and observed the bone. The muscle looked like shredded chicken, and I wanted to eat it. I didn’t though. Today we got to open it up and look at it’s guts. We found out a few things. First, our frog is male. That meant that we had to change it’s name from Jill to James. Second, the frogs small intestine looked like spaghetti O’s. Today we also got to take a peek at the frogs brain. We had to use the dreaded scalpel to shred the skull away bit by bit. We had to be very careful not to damage the brain.

And now, I shall mention the monologues. It was Wednesday, and I couldn’t practice with Slacker beforehand so I was unprepared. Our teacher picked a slip of paper from the bowl. Of course it was mine. I had to go first, and I had hardly practiced! Slacker got to go today. Of course she had come over to practice, I mean it makes total sense! Slacker, who had the shorter, easier monologue, gets more time to practice, whereas I, who had the longer, harder monologue, had to go first. Of course. Life sure is funny, ain’t it?

As you probably guessed from the title, I have a lot of topics to burn through today. But we have finally reached the last one! If you haven’t read The Host by Stephanie Meyer, I suggest you do so. It’s WAY better than Twilight. Trust me, I dislike Twilight. That book had very little plot until the very end. I mean, it told you Edward was a vampire on the freaking back cover! But The Host is so much better. Trust me. Here’s a bit about it. Aliens called souls have invaded Earth. They are inserted into humans and gain full control over their bodies. Until a soul named Wanderer comes along. Wanderer is inserted into Melanie’s- a rebel human -body. Melanie refuses to give Wanderer full control. She can speak to Wanderer through thier shared mind. Melanie forces memories of Jared, the man she loves, onto Wanderer, and she also falls in love with him. Then she sets off to find Jared on a dangerous mission. I love this book. I’ve read it four times! Check it out for me, okay?


2 thoughts on “Virus, Froggies, Monologue, and The Host

  1. Hm. I don’t like reading books if I know anything about them so I might read it in like a year when I forget about it 🙂

    And dissecting frogs still does not sound like fun.

    I hope his computer gets fixed soon though! Must be such a pain to blog on your iPod.

    • If you think you know anything about that book, you are wrong. I basically summarized the back cover which gives NOTHING away. Trust me. The longer you wait, the longer you won’t know what you’re missing.

      Dissecting frogs IS fun. Aside from the smell that is…

      Thanks for your concern about the computer! I’m not sure when it will be fixed, and I know half of my writing will be gone;( but the most important things are on my flash drive! I hope it gets fixed soon, but I’m not going to stop blogging just because it’s broken!};)

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