Well, the virus got fixed!  Yay!  But I am so sorry I didn’t post at all for… two days now I think!  It was terrible of me!  I really didn’t want to blog on my iPod- it was painful!  But I do have a few things to talk… er blog to you about! 

On Saturday I went to my friend Frenzy’s house, and we had a blast!  Ariana came too!   We went to the park at our old elementary school, so that was pretty fun.  I hadn’t been there in ages!  After that we decided to make brownies.  Yum.  Or should I say “YUCK!”.  After searching “everywhere”, Frenzy concluded that we didn’t have a bid enough bowl to mix the brownies.  So we had to do the dishes.  It wouldn’t have been a problem if the sink hadn’t been filled to the top with dirty dishes!  And believe me, I wish I was exaggerating.  After cleaning up the majority of the dishes, we saw that the water was orange.  ORANGE!  I would describe more of my experience, but I tried to block the memories. 

On top of that delicious news, I have some disgusting news.  Yes, that will seem delicious after you read this: I will not be posting until I plot out one of my stories.  You see, these stories have been keeping me up at night, so I need to deal with the soon.  I have four of them. 

  • Berserkers
  • Coyote
  • Modern
  • Magic Stealer
  • Pointing Fingers

Those are just random names I came up with just now.  And yes, I realize there are five up there, but Pointing Fingers doesn’t count, for it’s just a cool title idea. 

On a happier note, I discovered a website!  Anyone can share a story on there!  I think I will soon….

See ya!  (Hopefully soon!)


2 thoughts on “Sorry!

  1. Haha that was so funny!! Sorry about the lack of bowls… (er.. You know… Besides in the cupboard I forgot to look in…) But atleast we found one in the end. And atleast you didn’t have to scrape out the pasta-ish stuff with raisins… (shudder). If it doesn’t kill you, it builds character 🙂

  2. Oh and don’t forget… The water was orange AND chunky. Sorry again for not doing the dishes before you came over! (and now you know why we put off doing the dishes for so long.)

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