School [My Mistake]

Writing about school is lame.  I know.  But today was pretty cool!  Just listen…. Read. 

So it was third hour, and I was in… Let’s call her… Cruneblaud.  I was in Cruneblaud’s class, and the bell hadn’t rung yet.  I was reading my book The Host.  The bell started ringing and Cruneblaud came immediately to me.  She has a problem with me reading, even though I get A’s in her class.  So she comes up to me and says, “If I see you reading after the bell again, I’ll take your book away for a day or longer.”  That devil.  Reading is my passion.  Sure, I absolutely love writing, but reading is just as good.  And the best thing is, she was saying this as the bell was ringing.  I wasn’t reading after the bell, I was closing my book as the bell was ringing.  Ugh.  I hate that teacher.  On a happier note that still is on topic, we have a substitute teacher in that class tomorrow! 

Let’s skip ahead to fifth hour.  I was in… Phreaburg’s class.  (Cruneblaud, Phreaburg… Hehe)  Being in advanced science we get to do somethings the regular class doesn’t get to do.  Today we got to hold ice.  No, you read that right.  We grabbed an ice-cube and held it.  She said we only needed to do it for as long as we wanted, but it sort of became a competition.  My table was the first to get their ice cubes, but we were the last table to have every member holding one.  The other tables had at least one person give up before anyone at our table did.  It was sort of uncomfortable at the beginning.  It was cold, and then tingly, then hot, then painful, then it felt as if my muscles were permanently stuck in the position of holding an ice-cube.  I assume this was numbness.  Eventually it didn’t feel like anything at all.  I held my ice-cube until it melted.  BAM!  You try that!  No really, I want you to try to hold an ice-cube until it melts.  You may want to set aside half an hour, and do it over the sink.  I don’t take responsibility for injuries. 

So, now for my stupid mistake.  You’ll enjoy this part.  I was exiting the lunch line, and I walked straight to the condiments table.  No big deal, right?  WRONG!  I totally forgot to punch in my number, and actually pay for my lunch.  And then on my way back I dropped my breadstick.  How’d my lunch go?  It went swell.  *shakes head*

And last but not least, here’s a teaser for my story.  It’s called Modern.  This is one of the stories that’s keeping me up at night.  Enjoy. 


What happens in the modern world when you throw a bit of fairytale into it?  A girl and a guy fall in love and live happily ever after.  But what happens in a fairytale world if you throw modern technology into it?  Well that’s exactly what has happened to this world of fantasy!  Now Prince William doesn’t just have to “save” Princess Jennifer (who lives alone in a tower) from a dragon, but he has to do it with the pressure of being a teen celebrity!  And if that wasn’t enough, he has to marry her! 

So that was fun.  Bye now!  *shakes head*


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