My Future

Me and Lilly were talking at lunch yesterday.  We were talking about our futures.  Lilly and I planned out futures. 

When we get to highschool we’ll both join the debate team, so we can letter in arguing.  I know, it sounds amazing.  Next we would both go to college and major in Elementary Education.  We’re going to start our jobs as kindergartener teachers, but then we’ll realize we hate little children.  We will go on to be third grade teachers together until I publish my book and quit my job to be a full-time writer.  As a writer, I will have this SUPER AWESOME agent, but he’s  not my type.  I introduce him to Lilly, and they date for a while.  When I find out, I fire him, because I just don’t allow that kind of thing.  Eventually, Lilly dumps him for someone she’s known since first grade.  They get married, and re-hire my agent.  Lilly has three kids, two twin boy, and a baby girl. 

Now for my husband.  This was totally Lilly’s idea.  I travel to Australia for inspiration, and I meet an American travel guide.  We go home together and get married.  He lives in California.  He has bleach blond hair and blue eyes, and is a surfer.  Lilly, why?  Why do I marry a surfer? 

Lilly -cuz its funny!!

Katie -I hate you.  You cannot spell.  I LOVE the word cannot.  🙂


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