Writing is such a broad topic!  I don’t write many posts with unspecific names, so this is new to me.  Here’s a glance at my “career” as a writer. 

  • Gets an iPod Touch (yes, this is indeed important)
  • Downloads the app Kingdom’s at War (also important)
  • Discovers the Fan Fiction forum on this app
  • Writes a story and posts it on this forum
  • Get’s tons of positive feedback
  • Finishes the story, and makes it into a trilogy

That’s just the beginning, but I think I should explain a bit.  The stories mentioned above are less than 40 pages each.  They are really bad.  I was super proud of them, but now as I look back at them, they are terrible.  The plot is great and so are the characters.  The writing is REALLY BAD!  But back to my “career”…

  • Starts writing another book, and I post it on the forum
  • This book is better, but has less readers
  • Discovers www.wattpad.com
  • Posts my story there

Okay, not entirely true.  I’ve posted five chapters there so far, but I have finished eight.  So I haven’t posted all my story there. 

I missed one MAJOR thing in my “career”.  Anyone know what it is?  Let me give you a hint: You’re reading it.  My blog, duh!  My blog is an important part of my “career”!  I started a blog to improve my writing, and I think it has.  It has helped discipline me.  I try to write everyday, even if I don’t want too.  It’s also been a great way to recieve constructive criticism.  This is necessary if I want to improve my grammar, because my English teacher isn’t helping much!  Please comment on my mistakes.  I will give you a hug! (>`_`)> HUG! 

One last thing about writing.  It’s my favorite thing to do.  Okay, that’s a lie.  My favorite thing to do is to create.  I want to create things that other people can enjoy, and maybe even learn from.  That is why I write.  Why do you write?  Leave a comment below!  If you don’t write, why not?  What stops you?  Is it that you don’t like to?  Or have you even tried? 

Love you all,



7 thoughts on “Writing

  1. I have always loved to write, and have finally started setting my timer every day and just showing up. I enjoyed reading your blog and reading how you got started.

    • Thanks so much! I have always loved writing too, when I was little I would copy books down, even though I couldn’t read! It was only this summer I started writing novels. I’m really happy that I did start to wrote novels! What do you mean when you say: “I set a timer and just show up?” I don’t understand. Thanks for commenting! LOVE YA!

      • Oh, by the timer I mean that I make myself come and sit down to write for a certain amount of time each day. I put my butt in the chair and stay there for at least 30 mintues. 🙂

  2. *Twitches* No apostrophe in “Get’s!” It’s “gets” for goodness sake! *Twitches* It isn’t a contraction, therefore you DO NOT need an apostrophe. *Twitches* Please fix that.

    Sorry. That was rude. Apostrophe abuse annoys a grammar Nazi.

    “The plot is great, and so are the characters.”
    No comma. An independent clause followed by a conjunction and a dependent clause (“so are the characters” lacks a subject.) doesn’t need a comma.

    I write because I’m trying to find my identity. With everything falling apart in my family, writing has become difficult. Emotions and ideas don’t transfer into words that well anymore. *sighs* Even if my writing isn’t spectacular and no one else enjoys it, I enjoy it.

    A quote I learned during NaNoWriMo… “Write for yourself. Edit and revise only for others.”

    • No, it wasn’t rude. I don’t really care how you tell me I have a mistake, as long as you tell me. And, um…. was that everthing? Were there any other mistakes? Because, if so… WAAAAHOOOOO!

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