Debate and Jimmy Carter

No, not a debate about Jimmy Carter.  A debate and Jimmy Carter.  They are two separate topics.  Separate. 

In ILA Reading we are having an important debate on a date sometime before school ends.  My teacher… Let’s call her Mrs. Gonezahlis.  So Mrs. Gonezahlis probably mentioned the date, but I was probably reading/talking to slacker/zoning out.  That’s what I do most of the school day.  The whole class is participating in this important debate, but there are three topic that will be debated.  They are:

  • Video games train teens to kill YES/NO
  • Teens should have to be 18 to drive YES/NO
  • Year round school YES/NO

I wasn’t thrilled with any of these topics, so, naturally, I asked Slacker what she was going to do.  We both signed up for the YES side of the video games argument.  The next day, we found out who our group members were going to be.  I was thrilled to discover it was all girls against all boys.  How awesome is that?  It’s also worth mentioning that there is loads of information about our side of the debate, but not their side.  We are so going to win. 

Lilly signed up for the year round school topic.  She was all for year round school.  I also think year round school would be a fantastic idea, but the teacher would never agree to it.  They want their summers off. 

In American History we are writing a paper about a president.  I didn’t want to write about a president I already knew about so I chose… Well, why don’t you guess.  Go on, guess!  Right, I chose Jimmy Carter.  I started my paper today, despite the fact I had all last week to do it.  Ah well.  It goes something like this:

Jimmy Carter, whose real name is James Earl Carter Jr., was the 39th president of the United States… Jimmy Carter was an important president in U. S. history. 

Did you know that Jimmy Carter is a boring president?  I did research on him today, and I kept on getting the same links over and over!  But I managed to get the four paragraphs done.  I’ll type them up today and finish the project next Sunday.  Which just happens to be the day before it’s due.  This reminds me of a post by kikiann11.  I think that’s her name… Anyways, here it is!  The Sunday Night Scramble!

I generally don’t scramble on Sunday nights.  I get all of my math homework done in advisory, which many might think is a waste of time.  It’s not.  I don’t have any friends in advisory, so I don’t have anything better to do.  Right now it’s Sunday afternoon, and I’m doing homework.  I am not scrambling.  After this I have to finish a science study guide that’s due on Wednesday.  No big deal.  I have pleanty of time. 

I don’t scramble, I have homework, I love debating.  Peace out.


2 thoughts on “Debate and Jimmy Carter

  1. Haha, I laughed so hard when I read your teacher’s name!! Just saying 🙂 also, you are incredibly lucky that you get to do more than one debate this year… When I was in her class last year we only did one 😥

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