Music Lova!

Music Lova (Love ya, Love music) has signed on! 

Hahaha!  But I really do love you guys, and I absolutely love music.  I know exactly when I became passionate about music, too!  You see, I’m not your average girl.  I don’t listen to Katy Perry, Justin Bieber, or…. Okay,  I am thoroughly embarrassed.  Those are the only music artist I can think of that normal girls would listen to.  Okay, let’s try this again.  I don’t listen to pop, or….  What in God’s name is wrong with me!  I can’t think of other music genres!  

  • Pop
  • Rock
  • Country
  • Techno

(Check’s iPod)

  • Jazz
  • Metal
  • Classical
  • Alternative
  • Blues
  • Dance

Okay, better.  Back to when I first fell in love with music.  It was when my brother introduced me to Skillet.  I love Skillet.  But I also love Red, Flyleaf, Queen, Anberlin, Europe (The Final Countdown!), Finger Eleven, The Fray, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, P.O.D, and Relient K.  I love rock, but country isn’t bad either.  Basically I’ll listen to anything without too much autotune. 

I will listen to music while doing anything.  Seriously, try me!  I mean it, challenge me to listen to music while doing something.  Not at school please.  I will even listen to music while I’m reading.  And I will absolutely listen while I’m writing.  I find that it keeps me on task.  And of course I’m listening to music now.  What song, you ask?  I’m not sure.  Radio.  You see, I spend most of my time listening to music from this awesome radio station called Air 1.  You should really check it out.  Here’s their website:

It’s a really great way to spend your time.  Listening to music, that is.  I especially like listening to the radio because you never know what song will come on next!  When I here a song I enjoy, I will smile, and most likely I’ll start to dance.  I really enjoy Outcast, by Kerrie Roberts. 

You know what I’m thinking after writing that?  I listen to music way too much.  No, no I don’t.  It’s the rest of the world that doesn’t listen to enough music.  So I challenge you to listen to some music today.  Really listen to it.  Let the words have some effect on you, or if you’re really daring, let them change you.


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