I hope we never meet

Yes, I’m talking to you.  I hope we never meet, no offense.  Unless we’ve already met, I don’t want to meet you.  If we have met, you’re one of my awesome friends.   Don’t get me wrong, you’re still awesome if I don’t know you, but they are the best friends that I could ask for.  Especially if they check my blog daily, *cough* Ariana *cough*.  Why don’t I want to meet you?  Let’s just say I’m insecure when it comes to sharing my writing with strangers.  Even when it comes to my friends, I always email them, for I feel awkward if they’re reading my writing in the same room as me.  Unless you’re Slacker, because then you’re done reading before the awkwardness sets in.  See, Slacker is a really fast reader.  Sure, she’s a slacker.  But I can’t keep up with her without skipping whole paragraphs.  It’s sad. 

Since that got really off topic, I will bake you all cookies.  Actually, I’ll just give you all hugs!  (>`-`)>  <(*-*<) <(*-*<) <(*-*<) 

Now, back to the topic.  If someday you see me on the street and recognize me (stalker!), don’t come up to me and introduce yourself as a blog reader.  I promise you I’ll run away.  When I get back home, I’ll read over all my blog posts and make sure they’re flawless.  Because if they’re not, I will break down in tears.  That’s how insecure I am about sharing my writing. 

I bet you’re wondering how I can even keep a blog.  The answer is simple: I’m never going to meet you!  So, you can think whatever the heck you want about my blog, and I don’t give a crap because I’ll never meet you in person!  That was a compund-complex sentence!  We just learned about those in English class!  Which reminds me about my homework… shoot. 

Holy bananas!  No spelling mistakes!


6 thoughts on “I hope we never meet

  1. Thank u! And btw how r strangers gonna recognize u? They hav no idea what u look like. ❤ <—– Less than three.

  2. haha! Well I just want to meet you now. I do want to meet people who read my blog because I know that while it will be awkward at first, I will get over it and I’ll try to ignore the fact that they know more about me than certain people in real life do (AKA my parents, odd right?). I’m good at ignoring things and hiding my feelings though, so I do hope to meet people who read my blog someday. But to each their own, right?

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