Nail Polish Addict

This Friday I discovered something magical: nail polish.  Of course, I already knew of nail polish, just not its magical properties.  I had attempted a few times when I was nine to put on nail polish.  Needless to say, I never succeeded.  But that all changed on Friday.  I tried again, and I didn’t fail!  I can’t say I succeeded either because there were noticeable mistakes.  It also took about an hour.  I painted my pinkie’s a dark red, and I painted the rest of my finger sliver.  I also painted my toes pink.  I hate the color pink, but it was a really pretty pink.  I couldn’t resist! 

Since then I’ve painted my fingernails twice more.  The first time I painted them gold  (on Sunday), and today I painted them silver.  I really like silver because for some reason the mistakes I make are less noticeable.  I did make mistakes; loads of them.  I can see two nails that have no mistakes.  At least I’ve improved! 

There should be a warning on the nail polish bottle saying: WARNING: Extremely addicting!  I am addicted to painting my nails.  Who paints their nails three times in six days?  I do!  Who loves everything about painting nails, even waiting for them to dry?  I do!  Okay, so that’s mostly because I talked to Slacker for an hour on the phone, but still! 

Wow.  I am so impressed with the above paragraphs.  I didn’t get off topic once.  Time to change that! 

It’s hard to take blonds’ seriously.  Maybe it’s just me, but a brunette seems so much more responsible than a blond.  Please tell me what you think about this.  I am not hating on blonds’, I am a blond myself. 

On a different note, my friends voted me most responsible at my lunch table.  It went a little like this:

“Who’s the most responsible out of us four?” Ariana asked. 

“Katie,” Lilly replied immediately. 

“Really, Lilly?  Think about what you’re saying,” Katie said, flabbergasted.  (Awesome word)

“You’re right… But it’s not me.  It can’t be me,” Lilly said.

“Yeah, it can’t be Lilly.  It can’t be me either,” Alex admits. 

“And there’s no way it’s Ariana,” Lilly adds. 

And thus, I took up the position as the most responsible.  It really is sad that my friends are so irresponsible that I’m the most responsible.  Who’s the most responsible of your friends?  Really think this through.  It might not be who you first thought.  If you are the most responsible, we can suffer together.  TOGETHER IS BETTER!  ONE OF US!


6 thoughts on “Nail Polish Addict

  1. I find it amusing that you say blondes are less responsible and then you go ahead and say that you’re blonde and the most responsible out of your group. Totally makes sense XD

    But I do disagree with your idea that blondes are harder to take seriously. I am blonde. I graduated high school at thirteen and started taking care of my baby (baby, baby. Two weeks old to be exact) sister for my Mom while she was at school. One of my sisters is brunette and the other is blonde (the other one is still a baby lol) and the one who is brunette is a total airhead while the blonde is really intelligent and not an airhead.

    So yes, I disagree with you on that but I do agree that nail polish is addicting XD When I was like 8 to about 14 I loved, loved, loved nail polish then I stopped loving it. Then I painted my nails this weekend and I think I fell in love all over again.

    • Yeah, it does make sense! I’m glad you understand! THIRTEEN??? I didn’t know that. And it’s my first impression of a blond is that they SEEM less responsible, and less serious. I don’t have many responsible/serious friends.

      Just to let you know, you are my new idol. I wanna be just like you! Unfortunately, I’m not super-duper smart. Ah, well!

    • Thirteen?? That’s insane!!! Gosh, I wish I were that smart. I take advanced classes and everything, but… Wow.

      I honestly don’t think hair color determines responsibility and intelligence, no matter how many blonde jokes I hear. I am a brunette and I guess I’d say I’m responsible and smart. But so is one of my closest friends, and she is blonde. On the other hand, I used to have a different blond friend and she was… Well, an airhead.

      Also, I’ve never fallen in love with nail polish. The only kind I dare to wear is clear or sparkles because you can’t see the astonishing amount of mistakes I make.

      …. Sorry for stalking your profile, Katie.

  2. XD I’m glad I’m your idol, it makes me feel cooler than I am. I am actually not a genius, I just decided to graduate. However, I do suggest waiting until you’re sixteen to graduate because most colleges won’t let you attend until you are sixteen. So now I’m barely starting college. Yay!

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