Writing Style

Do I have a writing style?  I think I do, but I have a different writing style for each type of writing. 

For my blog, it’s conversational and… funny?  I’ve heard my blog posts are funny from a friend I will call Favorite.  I may or may not have mentioned her in an earlier post.  She tells me my blog posts are funny.  It would be nice if someone were to confirm this as I am not convinced.  Yeah, some posts are designed to be funny.  Like my knock, knock jokes post.  If you didn’t laugh at that one, I am terribly hurt. 

For my first three novels (which are a series), Battle Camp, the style is hilarious, and action packed.  Each chapter had something exciting going on, and cliffhangers were my best friend in those novels.  They were really short though, but it was fun writing them.  They were great little novels, and I love them still (although I really need to edit them.  Really.). 

For my next novel (which failed epicly), Beyond words, my style was… serious?  That is the best thing I can call it.  It had way more description than dialogue, and I hate that in a novel.  It was my first (and, so far, only) realistic fiction novel.  It was nice writing it.  I didn’t give up until I reached 10,000 words because it was my NaNo novel last year.  I’m proud of it, even though it sucked.

My poetry is hard to judge because it varies so much from poem to poem.  I’d say I write sad poetry, but that’s not all true.  I have some happy poems.  But if I think about it, most of them are sad.  And I fail at love poetry.  I can write sad love poetry, but not good, happy love poetry.  My brother thinks guys write love poetry better than girls, and I haven’t succeeded in proving him wrong yet. 

My novel-in-progress, A Game of Secrets, is AWESOME!  I cannot exactly judge it though.  The reason?  I’m still writing it.  If I’m writing something, I automatically think it’s amazing.  I normally cringe when I finish and re-read it.  Maybe the plot is good, but the writing could use some improvement.  Now that I think about it, that’s a good thing.  If I can notice that my writing isn’t good, I’m improving.  Improvement is good.  I totally didn’t mention my writing style for this book!  It’s funny, but it’s going to get serious near the end.  Like a character dies serious.  Like that character is the person the main character is in love with serious.  If you are reading this story on wattpad, sorry for ruining the ending; I just couldn’t resist. 

Holy avocados!  Only one spelling mistake!


2 thoughts on “Writing Style

  1. writing style probably depends on the story and the character. and it is funny the serious realistic novel failed – I’ve never tried to write one. Never had an idea for one really. All my ideas are fantasy.

    • Yeah, you’re right. It all depends on the story and characters. I think it’s mostly the characters though!;) It is funny that it failed!;). If no one failed, the world would be a boring place. I think my writing reflects my life a little bit. I fail at serious writing because I fail at being serious. My humorous writing succeeds because I succeed at being humorous!;)

      LOVE YA! <~~~~ yes, that was necessary.

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