MCA.  Meaning, Minnesota Comprehensive Assessment.  Or, the last three letters of YMCA.  Coincidentally, they played that song in the morning.  They play songs every morning as a signal to “get your butt to class”. 

What exactly are MCAs?  Boring tests.  There are four segments to each test, and we get to do two segments each day.  We take our four first hours off, and we sit in our first hour classes and take the test.  I am a fast test taker, so I despise MCAs.  I finish within the first forty-five minutes, and I check my answers!  I have a lot of extra time to burn.  I suppose I should have used that time to finish my unfinished algebra problems, or I could have written the definitions to my American history terms, but I didn’t feel like it.  No, I used that time to read the first book in the Artemis Fowl series for the third time.  It’s one of my favorite books. 

Thankfully, this years MCAs were better than prior MCAs because there were no long answer questions.  We didn’t have to write a paragraph about who invented the first snow mobile or a poem about immigrants.  This isn’t so bad, but I can’t stand the sound of a non-mechanical pencil on paper.  I’m just weird that way. 

The best part of the test is breaking the seal.  The test booklets, which are about forty pages long, are all sealed, so the best part is tearing that off.  After that it’s all boring.  I took the seal this time, and I was going to share a photo of it with you.  Maybe tomorrow.  Or Friday.  Probably Friday because I don’t have school that day.  I was surprised by this fact; I was unaware of this day-off until Tuesday.  Which was yesterday.  Smooth, Katie. 

I don’t know if other states have similar tests, but I’d like to know.  Are there CCAs (California Comprehensive Assessments)?  Or IDAs (Idaho Comprehensive Assessments)?  Speaking of… Typing of Idaho, I need to write to my friend there (LOVE YA, *insert nickname here*). 

Well, at least I didn’t get homework from my most dreaded classes (English and math) during the MCAs.  Unfortunately, there’s still those six problems to deal with…


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