Family of Bloggers

I read three blogs.  I love the three people who write them.  They are: Kirsten, of Kirsten Writes!  (, Faith, of For the Love of Words (, and Izzi, of izziesfantasyworld (  These three people and of course myself, make up the family of bloggers.  Sorry to my friends in real life; it wouldn’t make sense if you were in my family of bloggers and my family of friends!  That would just be overkill. 

Here is what my family is like: (From appearance to personality)



Faith is a crazy blond.  She is slender, but she eats what she wants because she has a crazy fast metabolism.  She has an unbelievable fashion sense, and nothing that she wears matches.  Strangely, her clothing looks spectacular on her!  She owns this coat that was made in Spain, and it has beautiful fabrics!  The coat goes down to her knees, and the two sides of the coat don’t match each other.  I am jealous of her coat. 


Like I said… typed, she’s crazy.  She comes up with all of these insane ideas (such as the tornado machine), but she never follows through on any of them.  That’s what I’m for (the tornado machine didn’t work out so well).  But, being the oldest, she’s super responsible.  I totally look up to her, but we don’t get along too well.  Probably because she’s smarter than me, and is right when I’m wrong (which isn’t often).  But when we’re arguing with the other two blog family members, we always win.  We don’t agree on most things, but we love each other anyways.  She’s smart.  Really smart.  Really, really smart.  She enjoys art, and is the best artist out of all of us.  She reads everything she can get her hands on, including the nutrition facts on the cereal box.  I do that too.  She laughs at my duct-tape obsession, but once I caught her trying to make a duct-tape wallet.  It wasn’t very good.  I’ll have to teach her someday. 



Izzi has this super straight brown hair that everyone is jealous of.  She has an amazing fashion sense, and at first glance, she seems like a stereotypical popular girl.  But she is not.  She doesn’t wear make-up (not that she needs to), and doesn’t do anything to her hair.  She’s tall.  Not freakishly so, but she’s tall for her age.  I imagine her as a thirteen or fourteen-year-old.  She has a thing for socks, and dedicates three drawers in her dresser to just them. 


Harry.  Potter.  Freak.  I would leave it at that, but there’s so much more to her than that.  She’s read the series multiple times, and owns all of the movies that are out.  She’s a Luna Lovegood fan (like me!), and will defend her fiercely (I did my homework!).  Izzi is amazing at imitating foreign accents.  I don’t really have a good picture of her personality, but I know her room changes a lot.  One day it’s a pet hospital, the next it’s a playground.  She’ll have to tell me how she does it one day.  I alway have pictured Izzi as serious, but my gut tells my she isn’t.  She’ll crack jokes whenever the opportunity presents itself.  Most of them aren’t funny, but we laugh anyways.  Well, most people think they aren’t funny.  I think they’re hilarious.  Being an ex-Harry Potter freak myself, we get into arguments.  I try( and fail) to convince her of  the preposterous magic in the story.  Magic needs to have limits, and it doesn’t in Harry Potter.  She’s a geek. 



I saved Kirsten for last because I’m unsure about her.  Here goes nothing.  She is a blond, and her blond hair is wavy.  It falls a little past her shoulders, and hides her face.  Her blue eyes are really pretty.  They’re absolutely stunning.  She’s about 5′ 1″.  She wears what she feels comfortable in, end of story.  She has glasses, but sometimes she wears contacts.  It all depends on how she’s feeling.  Kirsten doesn’t wear much jewelry, but she has her ears pierced.  She’s eleven or twelve, and people are always asking if we’re twins.  She’s thin as a twig, but can beat anyone in an arm-wrestling contest. 


She’s quiet, and a bit shy.  Like me, she doesn’t like asking for things, even if she absolutely needs a bit more money to buy that book that she wants.  She’s especially shy about sharing her writing.  She’s writes for the school news paper, and considers it an extension of her blog.  Kirsten and I get along really well.  Although I may be crazy at times, I used to be just like Kirsten, so I understand her really well.  She’s the problem solver of our family.  She helps Faith and I come up with compromises to our arguments.  She helps everyone get along with each other.  If Faith, Izzy, and I get into an three-way argument, she just has to say “Guys.”, and we’ll stop and feel guilty.  At home she’s not shy, she’s outgoing.  She helps me with all my crazy projects (like the tornado machine), and doesn’t ask questions when I climb over her bed to get on the roof and escape at night.  Actually, she does ask questions.  Questions like, “Can I come with?” and “Are you sure we won’t get caught?”.  She’s the life of the party. 

That’s my blogger family.  I’m sure they are a lot different from that, but that’s how I think of them.  I suppose you want to hear about me. 



I have shoulder length blond hair that isn’t wavy, but isn’t straight.  It gets bumps int the back.  My eyes are grey-blue, and they look like ice.  But they aren’t scary ice, they’re a nice ice.  I have a few freckles on my nose, and I’m super pale.  I have really long arms.  My height is unknown, because I get mixed results.  I’m somewhere between 5′ 1″ to 5′ 3 1/2″.  I normally where jeans, a t-shirt, and a sweatshirt of some type.  I’m thin, but not really. 


I’m a crazy writer girl.  I’m loud and obnoxious at school and around my friends, and I’m quiet at home around my family.  I look up to very few people: My brother WoW, Fur, and Faith.  I’m starting to take math seriously for the first time, and I’m finding that I like to study history.  My favorite place to be is at my church camp.  I like to create things.  Sometimes I cry for no reason at all other than it feels right.  I zone out a lot.  I’m normally loud around my friends, so when I get quiet they assume something’s wrong.  Normally nothing is wrong, I just have an idea for a story.  I am known to be vicious if you interrupt me when I’m reading a good book, or am thinking of a good story idea.  I normally don’t answer my cell phone when it rings because it’s so quiet.  I never want to get a Facebook.  I always want to know the time, but I don’t own a watch.  It took me over an hour to write this post. 

That’s me.  Not even I understand me.  I wouldn’t be flabbergasted if you understand me when I don’t.  Please comment if you do understand me.


8 thoughts on “Family of Bloggers

  1. haha! I’m alternating between extreme pride, love and the desire to laugh really really loud right now. You are so awesome! That was really funny and cool and made me feel pretty much awesome 🙂 Want to know how you did? Too bad. I’ll tell you anyway.

    I am blond. I am thin. I’m really, really short. I have a fast metabolism but if I sit around like a couch potato, I do get a little bit of a belly. Which goes if I exercise even slightly. I love my body. *happy sigh* I’m so weird. Moving on.

    I suck at art. Seriously XD I love art, though. Hang on… I don’t suck at art but I’m not a natural. If you guys suck, then I’m the best but I doubt you all suck at art XD

    My fashion style? It’s a weird combination. Sometimes nothing matches, sometimes it does. I don’t have a general style. Emo one day, prep the next. Classy one day, frumpy the next. Also, I envy the jacket I got from Spain too.

    Now I have a question for you, do you really imagine all of this when you think of me? XD I think it’s so cool you think that much of me. You are awesome! *tacklehugs* Now I’m shutting up before I go on and on and take up like your entire fricking blog space. Bye! (oh and the tornado machine idea? It was a total winner)

    • Yes! I actually got a nice amount of facts right about you!

      About the art thing… See, the first time I visited your blog (got the like from Kirseten’s site), I saw a pretty picture of a birdy that you painted and/or drew. it was really pretty. I didn’t know anything about your blog, but I subscribed anyways!:) And I’m pretty good with colored pencils and shading, but I can’t paint to save your life. Maybe I could paint to save my life; but not yours.

      I do imagine all that when I think of you! I am awesome! And don’t worry about long comments, I enjoy getting them!

      The jacket is to be envied!

  2. Thanks so much for thinking of me. It gives me tears of happiness. And about art, I prefer to do black and white pencil drawings, mostly portraits at things. I sort of dislike color and paining in general, except for ink and watercolor. Wow, I just bored you with a small talk about my love of art.

    Yeah, I spend a LOT of time thinking about people on NaNo (friends and people I wish were my friends on there, mostly), and you guys.

    Anyway, I actually have brown-red hair that looks more red than brown currently. I have it cut in layers down to my shoulders, and it’s wavy, though not overly so. The shorter layer comes just below my chin. I do have blue eyes, but I don’t really know how pretty they are. I am around 5′, maybe a bit less, and I am fairly certain I won’t grow much more. I hope I don’t need glasses, since I’ve never worn them, and I have pierced ears and wear little jewelry. That’s weird, how you got that right. I am also very thin, skiny, and weak-looking, but I don’t think I could beat anyone in an arm-wrestling contest. Unless they had a broken arm. I also have freckles, which once got airbrushed out of my school picture and I didn’t look like me. I am twelve, in mortal years.

    You got my personality almost dead-on, except I rarely write for the school newspaper (it’s an elective class, and I chose Model UN, instead). I have, though, and I feel like I should more. However, people at my achool have no idea I blog.

    How did you get my appearance so right? And my personality, too, but I’m so myself on the blog, I guess you would get that. You’re an excellent guesser.

    Oops, I wrote a blog post about myself in your comments. Sorry.

  3. Your small talk about your love of art isn’t boring; I just learned something new about you!

    I am soooooooooooo jealous of your hair! I want red-brown hair! You’re sooooo lucky! Your blue eyes are wonderful, trust me. And you will grow more, I command it to be so. You could beat me in an arm wretling contest. My arms are pathetic.

    I am soooooo proud that I got your appearance (almost) right! I pictured you as a blond though. Oh well. Now you’re a red head/ brunett.

    It’s okay that you wrote a long comment about yourself; it’s relevant to the topic! No need to apologize. I love comments.

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