How-To Write a Blog Post

I couldn’t think of anything to blog about today.  Actually, that’s not true.  I had two semi-good ideas, but they weren’t good enough to be awesome.  They would be an average blog post, and I don’t want to post an average post today.  No, today is an awesome day, and that calls for an awesome blog post.  But I still got nothing.  Then I realized something about myself: I like change.  If everything stays the same, I get bored quickly.  So I decided to change it up a bit.  Today, I shall write a how-to.  You can request a how-to in the comments if you’d like.  This how-to needed to be above average; it needed to be extraordinary.  Then it hit me.  An orange, right in the nose.  Just kidding!  It hit me.  How-to write a blog post. 

This is just what I do, and I’m far from perfect.  If you do something else, that’s great, keep doing it.  Don’t change the way you blog because of what I write here.  Got it?  Hopefully you nodded because I’m not explaining again. 

Step One: Don’t plan ahead

This is a crucial part of the bogging process for me.  If I have an idea today for a post tomorrow, I’ll get super excited and maybe even start planning what I’m going to write.  When tomorrow comes around, that idea will have lost some of its ability to excite me, and I won’t want to write it anymore.  And besides, I treat my blog kind of like a journal.  Do you plan ahead when you write in a journal?  That, my friends, is why I don’t plan ahead. 

Step Two: Commit to blogging

Have a goal to blog every day or every week.  I try and blog every day, but I don’t beat myself up if I miss a day.  Okay, I do, but you shouldn’t.  If you commit to blogging, it will be a lot easier to think up things to blog.  I started noticing things, and if something is blogging material I store it away for later use.  Plus, blogging is a great way to find your writing style and improve on spelling.  Commit to blogging.  Trust me. 

Step Three: Sit down and type

This may seem like a no-brianer, but it could be reworded as: don’t avoid blogging.  Sit down, and don’t stand up until you have finished typing your post.  I’ve started giving myself a word could goal as well.  A few posts back it was 300+ words.  Now it’s 400+ words.  Sit down and type your post.  Whether you think it’s going to be a lame post or not.  I’ve turned so-called lame ideas into great ones.  Don’t avoid it, it’s worth your time. 

Step Four: Use the spell-checker

Do not forget this step!  You want to make your posts look professional, right?  What’s more unproffesional than a spelling mistake?  I hate spelling mistakes; they bug me.  That’s why I use the spell-checker!  Yay!  It also helps me learn how to spell the words properly next time.  If you don’t use the spell-checker, you’re asking for disaster.  Everyone makes mistakes.  Yes, even me.  I know, it’s preposterous, right?  Spell-checker isn’t working right now… it just swirls agian and agian.  So sorry about any mistakes in this post. 

Step Five: Click publish

Share your writing with the world.  Who knows?  Maybe you’ll change someones life.


2 thoughts on “How-To Write a Blog Post

  1. Great how-to! I didn’t actually look at anything like this before blogging, hense my abysmal start. But spellcheck is very important. Also, I LOVE the new theme! Awesome look!

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