Let us start this blog post off with a poem that I wrote in second grade.  It’s a nice rhyming poem that is better than most of the poems I write now. 

Easter is coming,
Easter is coming,
Spring is coming too!

Easter is coming,
Spring is coming,
I hope I have fun with you! 

Yeah, I was an amazing little kid.  I mean, how many seven-year-olds can write a rhyming poem with amazing rhythm?  I’m done bragging about my younger self now. 

This Easter was, to say the least, disappointing.  Most holidays with our family aren’t traditional.  There’s the socks and underwear in the stockings, the wine on Halloween (do NOT ask), and of course, the fact that we have no extended family.  That was a lie, but not really.  I have three uncles and a grandfather.  One of my  uncles is married, but he doesn’t have any children.  So I have no cousins, and I never will have any cousins.  Sad, I know.  So this Easter it was just me, my parents, my two older brothers, and my brothers’ girlfriends. 

We wend to church, ate a nice Easter dinner, and opened our Easter baskets.  Awesome Easter, right?  Wrong.  One crucial part of Easter is missing.  The egg hunt.  We did not have an egg hunt this year.  I am NOT too old to hunt for plastic eggs filled with goodies!  My brothers go to hunt for eggs for 5-7 years longer than I did!  NOT FAIR!!!  I am so angry right now!  My Easter is incomplete without an egg hunt!  And my mom didn’t even buy candy for the eggs!  So I can’t even try and bribe her into it.  Ugh. 

Because I don’t want this to be an angry post, I’ll show you some pictures. 

This is my Easter basket.  It was prettier before I tore it apart.  My mother had arranged it beautifully.  I got Swedish Fish Eggs, A Dove chocolate (solid!) bunny, Whoppers, Snickers bunnies, Reese’s bunnies, Dove chocolate candies, and m n’ ms.  Oh yeah, and socks.  My brother’s girlfriend also got socks in her Easter basket (Yeah, she gets an Easter basket.  She also got presents at Christmas). 

By far my favorite item in my Easter basket was the fork-spoon-knife.  The knife part is on the edge of the fork. 


Isn’t it just spectacular?  I had been begging my mom for one for a long time and I finally got it!  It almost makes up for the lack of an egg hunt.  Almost.


4 thoughts on “Easter

  1. I loved the poem. I got a DVD, for some reason. But it made me happy. So did my candy. Anyway, I did not go on an egg hunt also, because I had to set it up for my small cousins. Trust me, cousins are a pain. And the spoon/fork/knife… I have no words for its awesomeness.

  2. That device is utter genius!!! It’s totally amazing!!

    Okay, I’m done now. 🙂 Apparently, the positive word for “ranting” is “raving” (I didn’t know that), so yay! Fork-spoon-knife rave!

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