I did a poll among my three lunch friends (Lilly, Alex, and Ariana) on what topic I should use for my blog post today.  The most popular subject was art, so this post is going to be a lot of pictures.  As you will soon see, Lilly is an amazing artist.  Yes, I am just saying that to avoid the real question: How good am I?  Ugh.  You’ll see. 

Let’s start this off with a snapshot of Lilly’s abstract. 

Lilly’s abstract

Wow!  Isn’t that amazing?  It was drawn on the back of a worksheet, so that is why it has a yellow background.  What an inspiring piece!  It just draws your eye and commands your attention! 

Now, I suppose you’d like to see some of my artwork.  Brace yourselves. 


 So, what do you think?  They’re okay, I suppose.  Alright, I know they’re pretty awesome, but I was drawing next to Fur in that class.  Fur is an amazing artist, and when I look at her work I feel insecure about mine. 






Those are hands, if you can’t tell.  It was only after I drew them that I realized they were numbers.  Go figure. 


 That’s my fox.  I’m actually really proud of my fox, it was my first shading drawing.  My mom really likes the expression on its face.  I think it looks sad. 


 I’m also really proud of this one.  I thought I did a really good job.  I worked really hard on this one, but that’s nothing compared to what’s coming up.  This will blow you away. 

Eye of the Tiger

How awesome is that?  Way awesome!  I only had a tiny picture to go off of, but I managed!  Most of these drawings are from a class I took in summer a while back.  This last one was my final project.  They were supposed to be a lot bigger than all of our other drawings.  Mine was the smallest final drawing out of everyone in the class, but it was okay because it would have been harder to make it much bigger.  First I wanted to draw a regular tiger’s eye, but our teacher said it didn’t have enough color.  So I drew a white tiger’s eye, and I’m glad I did!  It’s so amazing.  My favorite part is the colors.  Both the blue and the brown.  When I was chosing a background  color, I couldn’t decide between blue or brown so I used both. 

Which of mine is your favorite?  Did you like this topic?  Do you want more posts like this?  Do you like pictures?  I like pictures.


8 thoughts on “Art

  1. Gah! *rubs eyes* I must be dreaming! You’re insanely amazing! XD

    I liked the butterfly and the apples…but I also like “eye of the tiger”.

    Go figure, kt!

  2. Wow! Those are…awesome, to say the least. The hands are my favorite, because they’re so real and detailed. I also like the fox, because of the shading. It looks like it’s coming off the page!
    Nice job!

    • Thanks! The hands are kind of hard to see, but in real life you can see them really well! You and my mom both like the fox. I think my fox needs some work. Hmmm…

  3. i remember those!!! their better since i saw them last i swear!!! 😀
    specially remember the eye of the tiiigerrrrrr!!! *bum bum bum! bum bum bum! bum bum buuuuuuuuuum*

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