I Broke my Violin!

 You always feel sad when you break something, especially when that something is expensive.  Imagine how I felt in orchestra when I broke my violin.  Okay, I didn’t feel that guilty, but I was scared.  Like scared stiff.  My orchestra teacher, who I’m going to call Mrs. MusicTeacher, told me she’d never seen anyone get a crack where I got it.  Very encouraging.  What really freaked me out was when she said they might not be able to fix it.   But they might.  But they might not.  AAAAAAARRRRRRGGGGGHHHH!  If they can’t fix it, my mom is going to kill me! That is, if Fur doesn’t get to it first. 

Fur happily stood by my locker while I told her the news.  She said (not too happily), that she was going to kill me, and ‘how could I go and break my violin?’.  It was an honest mistake.  I thought it was strapped into my violin case, all safe and snug, but it wasn’t.  When I pulled it off the floor and onto my lap, my violin fell onto the ground.  The side with the strings was facing the ground, and I heard a not-so-encouraging snapping sound.  I expected something terrible, but at first glance my violin looked normal.  The “G” and “D” strings were way out of tune, and the bridge was a bit askew.  That was the worst of it, or so I thought. 

I brought it to Mrs. MusicTeacher and explained what happened.  She sympathized, and said it could have been worse, and then began to tune it for the second time today.  While she was tuning, she saw something I had missed – a thin crack in my violin. 

My broken violin!:(

I realize it’s kind of hard to see the crack.  Maybe this will help…

The yellow part is the crack


 Is that better?  Look at that one, then look back at the first one.  Can you see it?  It’s sort of visible on the right side…. 

 Like I mentioned before, Mrs. MusicTeacher said she had never seen a crack like this, and maybe it wasn’t fixable.  She said they might be able to fix it with glue, but maybe not.  I hope they can fix it!  Well, I have to tell my mom some time, so you should wish me luck because I going to tell her now.  I can’t believe I broke my violin.  I shouldn’t be trusted with things. 



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