I didn’t post yesterday, but you all forgive me.  Now that that’s settled, let us cut to the chase.  The big debate is coming up.  I am fourth speaker, which honestly sucks.  I am amazing at introductions, so I wanted to be first speaker.  My group even knows I’m good at formulating an amazing introduction, but they didn’t pick me.  No, they chose someone else, and gave me the last remaining spot: fourth speaker. 

Fourth speaker is great, don’t get me wrong.  There are lots of cool things about being fourth speaker.  For one, I’m the last speaker before our rebuttal speaker (Slacker).  Slacker is going to be an amazing rebuttal speaker.  She’s taken a bunch of notes on what the other team might say, and then throws facts in their faces and proves them wrong.  I have one word to describe the tone of her speech:  sarcastic.  Here’s an example of something she might say:

“My opponent might say that video games can teach children and teens useful skills.” So far it’s serious, right?  Just wait… “If it’s a non-violent video game, it can teach children how to hit a home run.  If it’s a violent video game it can teach kids the useful skill of how to aim and fire a gun.”

See?  Sarcastic.  On the other hand, my speech is very serious.  I have a marvelous ending in mind:

“So no matter where you come from or how you were raised, violent video will affect you.  Violent video games affect everyone.”

How is that?  I thought it was pretty nice. 

Now I’m going to teach you how to play a game.  It’s called the box game.  You start it off by saying: “I have a box, and in that box I’m going to put a…”  Then you choose something to put in the box.  It can be anything.  It can be Texas, a clock, your cat Suzy…  The list is endless.  So I will put in a science class room. 

The goal of this game is to figure out the pattern.  Once you’ve figured it out, it’s still fun to play because you can watch other people get frustrated while they try to figure out the pattern.  For the sake of not boring you to death, let’s just say that all the people playing the game know the rule. 

After science classroom, someone put a clock in the box.  After clock, someone puts in llama (have you figured out that pattern?).  Then the people just keep putting in llamas.  Llama, llama,llama, llama, llama….  Now have you figured out the pattern? 

My secret goal in that wonderful game is to get everyone to keep saying llama, because llamas are awesome.  If you figured out the pattern, post a comment telling me what you think it is.  If you don’t figure it out, I’ll post the answer on my next post. 



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