I’ve written a fair bit of poetry this year.  By “a fair bit”, I mean 51 poems.  Granted, not all of them are worth sharing, but I am very proud of the effort I put into them.  I want to share some of my favorites with my faithful readers.  I have written many kinds of poems.  I don’t limit myself to free verse or repetition.  Instead, I try out all kinds of poems.  Most of them suck, but some of them have the perfect rhythm/rhyme scheme/tone. 

One of my favorite poems that I wrote is called Humanity


 I am hungry

I am positive

 I am negative

 I am hopeful

I am joyous

I am tired

 I am loving

I am hateful

I am ugly

I am pretty

I am jealous

I am forgetful

I am sad

I am happy

I am depressed

I am funny

I am anxious

I am scared

I am forgotten

I am vain

I am kind

I am humble

I am noisy

I am greedy

I am quiet

I am breaking

I am healing

I am grieving

I am memorable

I am sorry

I am human

In that poem, I felt as if punctuation wouldn’t help me get the meaning across to the reader, so I didn’t use any.  If I’m in need of inspiration, that poem never fails to get me to think. 

Another poem I enjoy is called Wanderer.  It might not seem sad at first, but it is. 


She wanders through the woods,

She hides under her hood,

 Her boots crunch in the leaves,

 As she wanders through the trees.

 Wanderer, wanderer,

 Wherever will you go?

Wandering, wandering,

In rain, shine, or snow.

Wanderer, wanderer,

Whoever is she?

That hides under her hood,

 Never where she wants to be?

Her eyes as sharp as hawks,

 She prances on the rocks,

 There’s not a river too deep,

Never a mountain too steep.

Wanderer, wanderer,

No one’s as brave as her,

 Wandering, wandering,

As if she never were.

Wanderer, wanderer,

 Gone from here to there,

The sight of her’s uncommon,

Those who see her stop and stare.

Her family she must miss,

She left her mother without one last kiss,

I wish she’d come back,

If only for the things she didn’t pack.

Wanderer, wanderer,

 Where have you gone?

Wandering, wandering,

 Like a lost fawn.

Wanderer, wanderer,

 Where are you going to be?

 You said we were sisters for life,

 But never did you say you’d leave.

See?  Sad.  That poem makes me want to cry.  I don’t have a sister, but I absolutely love my friends. 

One of my free verse poems that I like is Battlefield.  It doesn’t ever mention a battle or a battlefield. 


If you’re looking for glory,
You won’t find it here,
But you will find death,
And hate, and vengeance,
But not glory, never glory,
Just anger, and sadness
And unresolved problems,
If you’re looking for glory,
Look somewhere else.


And finally, I will let you go with a short free verse. 


The endless story of time,
So enthralling,
Yet who knows its secrets?
Why do we search?
There’s no point in running,
Time will catch you in the end.


10 thoughts on “Poetry

    • Thanks! That means a lot! I just checked out you blog and… wow. I was comepletely blown away. I have to spend some time reading through some of your poems and leave a comment sometime!

  1. These poems…are beautiful. I love
    Battlefield , it just…moved me, in a way. The mysterious Time sounded excellent also.
    Wanderer is so sad and sorrowful, but it’s my favorite. Just such a mood created.

    • Thanks! I really like Wanderer too; it’s one of my best rhyming poems. Time was originally about something else (I don’t remember what), and it was going to be longer. But I decided I liked it the way it was. 🙂

  2. I loved them all, so much. Battlefield was my favorite. However, I’m not crazy about Humanity. It’s not that it’s bad, because it’s good, it’s just not my kind of poem. Please post more!

    • Thanks! I really like battlefield too. It’s a lot different than any of my other poems. Sort of. I did write a new poem. I tried to write a poem in the style you write them. Not quad rhyme, but just free verse with short lines. It worked out. Sort of.

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