Genres [Hating on Romance]

Let’s get this straight right away.  I do not hate romance novels or novels that have romance in them.  I do not.  I’ve been having lots of neat ideas for novels.  That’s good.  They are all romance novels.  DIE, ROMANCE!  DIE!  What happened to the time when I couldn’t write a romantic scene to save my life?  The days when I wrote action-packed mini novels!  The days when I hadn’t a care in the world for a romance novel!  WHAT HAPPENED TO THOSE DAYS? I want them back.

I’ve finished exaggerating.  They ideas I have aren’t all romance novels.  In fact, I have one that might not have any romance in it at all.  The rest have some kind of relationship in them.  GAH!  I want an idea that doesn’t have romance in it, but my mind doesn’t seem to care.  My mind just keeps idea after idea that has romance in it.

I write mostly fantasy novels.  The only other genre I’ve attempted is realistic fiction, and that novel failed.  I think fantasy is the easiest genre to write.

Today is your lucky day, because today I will organize the different genres from easiest to hardest to write.  Hurrah!

  • Fan Fiction

I think fan fiction is the easiest genre to write because you don’t have to come up with characters or (sometimes) settings.  You only have to come up with a plot.

  • Fantasy

This is just how I feel.  I think fantasy is easy to write because although you have to come up with the magic (and in some cases, even whole new worlds), you don’t have to do much (if any) research.

  • Realistic Fiction

You have to do research on a lot of things, but I think realistic fiction is pretty easy to write.  It’s real life, but it’s sort of exaggerated.

  • Science Fiction

Normally you have to research some things, unless it takes place in space.  In that case, you just use your imagination.  I think science fiction would be a challenge to write because you have to make it believable.  If you made up some kind of invention, your readers have to believe that it could work.

  • Mystery

I think writing a mystery would be incredibly hard.  You would have to come up with all the clues, red herrings (false clues), and the ending ahead of time.  That would be hard for me.

  • Historical Fiction

I think it’s obvious enough that writing historical fiction would be hard.  You have to research a whole time period and make sure you get the facts right.  I’m reading a book called Leviathan now, and it is historical fiction-fantasy.  It has fantasy in it, but World War One is happening in the book.  It’s really cool.

  • Non-Fiction

You have to get all the facts right.  I thing writing non-fiction would be boring, unless I was crazy about the topic I was writing about.

And there you have it!  My list of genres from easiest to hardest to write!  I hope you enjoyed it.


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