I find it hard to believe that summer is a little over a month away when spring just arrived… yesterday?  Nevertheless, I can’t wait for school to be out.  During summer, I have very little to do.  I might have private/semi-private archer lessons every Tuesday, and just possibly I’ll be doing this science and math thing this summer.  The science-math thing is called GEMS, and GEMS stands for Girls Engineering Math Science.  I think.  I might not get in because I’ll be missing a week for church camp. 

CHURCH CAMP!!!  I cannot wait!  My favorite place on Earth to be is church camp.  AND MY BIRTHDAY IS DURING CHURCH CAMP THIS YEAR!!!  I’m going to get a package from my mom for my birthday.  But packages aren’t all fun and games.  You see, to get your package, you have to pay price.  This could be getting thrown in the lake (by a counselor), getting pied in the face (whipped cream and whatever food is left from dinner.  Ew.), getting punched in the face (chill, it’s just juice), eating a spoonful of spam (ewwww!), drinking warm milk from a baby bottle (not so bad), getting an egg cracked on your head (it makes your hair soft…), or hugging a tree (aka pole) for five minutes.  That was all from memory.  Yeah, getting a package is pretty sweet.  Once, I sent myself three letters (the equivalent of a package), and got pied in the face.  There was an egg in the pie.  Then, as it was tradition, I jumped into the lake.  You might think you would dread getting a  package, but it’s all part of the camp experience.  There is one other thing that happens when your birthday corresponds a day at church camp.  All of the guy counselors lift your chair up and bounce you up and down while singing you are my sunshine.  It’s hilarious, and I’m really looking forward to it.  One other thing about church camp.  No electronics.  Don’t worry, I’ll work something out so you don’t die. 

Camp is a major part of my summer (heck, it’s a major part of my life!), but there is so much I want to do this summer.  For one, I’d really like to catch up on a bunch of my reading.  I have many books I’d like to read, and Ariana’s cousin just gave me a bunch more recommendations.  Most of the time I just want to read the exciting fantasy novels that I’ve wanted to read forever, and it can get hard to read, say, historical fiction.  But a good author reads new things, and it’s important to learn new things from the books you read.  How will I learn new things if I’m always reading the same kind of book? 

I also want to get some cleaning done.  I know, I know.  Groan.  It’s not exactly cleaning, more like organizing.  I want to organize the craft closet and my clothes closet.  Our craft closet is a mess.  I can never find what I’m looking for when I’m daring enough to even open the door.  For example, I was attempting to start a notebook that I could write a first-draft of a novel in (aka operation: improve handwriting).  No, I couldn’t find a single notebook.  Instead I filled a binder with loose leaf paper.  My closet isn’t so much a mess that I have to clean it out.  I have way too many toys from when I was young in there. 

I also want to walk my dog everyday.  We both need the exercise.


2 thoughts on “Summer

  1. One: you spelt Church wrong, it has an “R” in it 😛
    and Two, you should read No Child’s Game Reality TV 2083

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