The Cost of Your Dreams

Do your dreams have a cost?  Well, sure.  Everything has a cost.  But what is the cost of your dreams?  I suppose you’ll never know the answer to that unless you pursue your dreams.  My dream is to be an author.  Today at lunch my brother asked me what I wanted to be when I grow up.  I gave him a funny look and told him author.  He knows I want to be an author.  He replied by asking what realistic job I wanted to get.  Stubbornly I told him author again. 

Being an author is hard.  Unless you get famous early on, you’re probably going to struggle with money.  At times it will seem impossible, and it will be very stressful.  If that’s the cost of your dream, is it worth it?  It might also be humiliating to be a writer.  People will laugh and tell you that you won’t make it.  They might not believe in you or call you a failure.  Is that worth it?  It goes both ways, though.  What if you don’t chase after your dreams?  Then you will always look back and wonder.  You’ll wonder if it could have worked out.  If you might be laughing at the people who laughed at you.  Is it worth it if you don’t go after your dreams?  Is “better safe than sorry” the way you want to go in your life?

I would chase my dreams of being an author.  If I don’t catch them, at least I tried.  At least I tried to fill that hole in my heart that only goes away when I write.  I know that if I don’t try, I’ll be forever angry at myself. 

I was reading a story on wattpad.  It was being cowritten by two thirteen-year-old girls.  On the second to last chapter, one of the girls wrote half of the chapter, and the other girl wrote the other half.  One of the girls left a note saying she was sick, and the doctors didn’t know what she was sick with.  She made a joke about it, and ending her not with her signature “jingle, jangle”.  The other author left a note after her’s saying that her friend had died.  What if that’s the price of your dreams?  Would you die for your dreams?  I would.


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