Morning Person

The person that was the 100th commenter was Twix103.  Congratulations!  I know her in real life, so I’m going to give her one wish.  But the next person that comments that I don’t know in real life will also receive a wish!  So comment away!  Congrats in advance to the person that wins! 

I think I’m a morning person.  It’s not because I’m all perky in the morning.  Gosh, no.  I’m practically dead to the world in the morning.  I will practically rip your throat out for speaking to me.  Just let me listen my music until I’ve eaten breakfast.  Then, you may approach me.  I’m a morning person because that’s when I write the best.  The words just seem to flow when I’m semiconscious.  I’m a naturally slow writer, it’s just how I am.  I can’t help but edit along the way, and I always wait for the perfect words to hit me before I type.  It’s a problem during NaNoWriMo.  In the morning, I’m still a slow writer.  But for some reason I can just sit down and type for half an hour before I decide to stop. 

This morning, I wrote 222 words.  After school I wrote four.  Four lousy words.  They were:  “Um…  Thanks,” I said.  I think we can conclude that I am more in-touch with my inspiration in the morning.  Since I figured this out, I’ve been getting up at 6AM so I can write for an hour before school.  Yeah, I’m committed.  Instead of sleeping for another hour I get up to write.  I have no idea what my friends would think of this.  They probably think I’m crazy.  Which I am, but that’s not the point.  The point is, I’m a morning person. 

When can you write the best?  Do you know why you write best then?

Book of the post (yeah, I’m gonna start doing this until I run out of books):  Son of the mob

Lilly recommended this book to me, and I’m glad that she did.  It’s a fantastic read!  It’s about Vince Luca, and his father is the head of a powerful crime organization.  When Vince finds a girl he really likes, he doesn’t know how he’s going to explain what his father does what a living to her.  To make matters worse, her father is the FBI agent that’s been trying to put Vince’s father behind bars!


10 thoughts on “Morning Person

  1. Weird, because I love mornings. And by that I don’t mean I like getting up every morning at 6 to go learn pointless things at school…I just like the feeling of a new day. Evening sort of makes me feel a little hopeless, like the day is ending (er, which it is) and I don’t have time to do anything else. But I also do like working in the evening.

    Yay, Kirsten! 😉

  2. Oops I keep meaning to tell you.. My wish: I wish that you would make me a short story about billboards.
    That’s right. I said billboards.

  3. I keep forgetting to tell you. My wish: I wish that you would make me a short story about billboards.
    That’s right. I said billboards.

  4. Dang. Forgot to refresh the page so my comment is on there twice. Lol yes the advertisements you see while you’re driving.

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