I’m back!

It’s true!  I made it back!  I survived the fourteen hour bus rides!  I MADE IT!  I know you are all anxious (not really) to read about how my trip went, so I’ll tell you. 

The first fourteen hour bus ride wasn’t too terrible.  We made it to school at 6AM which isn’t bad considering that the kids that went to Washington D. C. had to be there at, like, 4AM.  Before lunch I read a bit of Rainbow’s book.  I figured something out.  Rainbow is an super-duper amazing writer.  Her book is called Shades of Emerald Pain.  Look for it in stores soon!  Her writing is seriously fantastic.  She had me on the edge of my seat at the climax and at the end of the climax (not to be confused with the resolution) she had me grinning.  When the resolution came around, I was startled.  After it finally sank in, I nearly cried.  As a writer, I complimented her on a superb ending.  As a reader I demanded an explanation.  I’m sure you want to know what her book is about, but I can’t tell you.  Sorry. 

After lunch (pizza!) I did homework.  31 math problems on the way there, 41 on the way back.  My math teacher is cruel.  I can’t remember what I did the rest of the way, but it wasn’t exactly exciting.  I went swimming three times total at the hotel.  Considering we only spent three nights there (and that I couldn’t go swimming the first night), that’s quite a feat.  I love swimming. 

One last thing since I have to go to bed now.  30 minutes into the trip we had to change busses because the bus we were originally in had a chance of breaking.  At lunch, the bus we had changed to broke.  Funny, right?


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