Contest Mania

The one-hundreth commenter on my blog was Kirsten!  Kirsten is an amazing, female individual.  She inspired me to start this blog, and she won my first ever contest.  For her one wish she asked for me to draw her something that reminded me of her blog.  So I did. 

The Non-drawing

 Each of the seemingly pointless blobs of color depicts a feeling I experience when I got on Kirsten’s blog.  NEW CONTEST:  If you can guess what emotion each blob of color stands for, I’ll give you one wish!  Before anyone asks: NO!  The background stands for NOTHING!  I just thought it was cool. 

Since this will one day be hanging in an art museum, I’m going to guess what people will think of it. 

The checkered background is a chess board that Kirsten’s blog and Katie’s blog are battling on.  The arrow at the top signifies that Katie is winning the battle.  Stop right there. First of all, if me and Kirsten’s blog were battling my blog, her blog would win.  Her blog rocks my blog’s socks.  If we were playing chess in real life, she would still win.  I stink at chess.  Ask anyone. 

I made it about half way through the painting when I realized that Kirsten asked me to draw something that reminded her of her blog.  Draw.  Not paint.  That is why I named this painting: The Non-drawing.  I finished the painting, but I still drew something else. 

The Sweatshirt

 I do not know why a sweatshirt reminds me of your blog, Kirsten, but it does.  NEW CONTEST: If anyone can tell me why a sweatshirt reminds me of Kirsten’s blog, you get one wish.

Kirsten also told me I could draw her a cat.  So I did. 

Kitty Kat (click to see larger)

 Cat’s are not my forte, so that is why it looks like a three-year old drew that cat.  I am sorry.  Yes, I meant to spell cat with a “k”. 

That is the end of Kirsten’s wish, but not the end of the contests!

We can dance if we want to, we can leave your friends behind.  Cuz your friends don’t dance, and if they don’t dance, well, they’re no friends of mine. 

If you can tell me the name of that song, you’ll receive one wish. 

LAST CONTEST: The 150th commenter gets a wish.


4 thoughts on “Contest Mania

  1. Thank you so much! It’s amazing! I bet yould win in a chess match, though; I’m horrible at chess. I love all three of the pictures, but you didn’t need to do three. Don’t worry, I love them all. 🙂 I wish I knew what the first one stood for. Um, is the arrow at the top happiness at a new post, the purple thing excitement, and the third one sadness that the post is over? No? Well, I thought so.
    I love the second drawing. I like sweatshirts, too. I wish I could draw them as well as you.
    I’m a “dog person” (though I don’t like labels), and I thought your cat was phenomonal. My kitty avatar finally has a friend (yay!). So, thanks a ton, and I mean a TON for all of it. I had a lovely time seeing the entries!

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