Nature Center

We went to a nature center with school today.  It was our one field trip of the year, and we had to do a worksheet.  Lame, right?  Why don’t they understand that 7th graders appreciate going to the zoo as much as 2nd graders?  Why can we no longer have a fun field trip without doing some form of work?  It’s not fair. 

The worksheet was actually pretty easy, and the field trip was way more fun than I thought it would be.  We started out at the log-rolling station.  We had walked out into the forest that surrounded the nature center, and all we had to do was roll over logs to see what was living underneath.  Fun!  It was mostly slugs and millipedes, but I caught a tiny tree frog!  It was about the size of a dollar coin, and it was slimy!  After that station ended we got to ID trees.  We had this list that helped us figure out what kind of trees we saw, and then we got to estimate how old they were.  Our tree was a sugar maple and it was approximately 91 years old. 

Later we went to the pond.  We used little nets to try and catch water bugs and leeches and such.  It wasn’t very fun because I didn’t catch much.  The fun thing about that station was the floating bridge it was held on!  Kids were always trying to stand in one corner to get water on it.  One time there were too many people in one place and the water started to creep onto the bridge.  Everyone was screaming and running away from the water while I was laughing.  It was funny!  After that we got to catch bugs on the “prairie”.  Lilly and I couldn’t catch anything but a dead spider to we picked up ants off the sidewalk to put in our bug jar.  Hurrah. 

Now, we come to my favorite part of the day.  We got to play Indian games!  We threw “spears” at “buffalo”.  The spears we long wooden sticks, and the buffalo were thrown hoola hoops!  It was so much fun!  There were other fun games too, but it’s hard to describe them. 

Besides the awful sunburn I got on my arms, that’s about all I did all day.  I hope you had a more exciting day that me!


6 thoughts on “Nature Center

  1. Hi kt,

    I’m not sure if you still read my blog…I think I suscribed to this blog and fell behind in the posting for a while. I just recently caught up.

    I love Native American stuff! They never fail to fascinate me. 😀

    • OF COURSE I STILL READ YOUR BLOG! I am subscribed! I need to read more of your posts before you join my blog family, but your on your way (to the convienient stores of super america!)

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