Hide and Capture the Robbers

The title of this post is actually three names of games (the rhyming was intentional) that I played yesterday: hide and seek, capture the flag, and cops and robbers (not in that order).  We started with a game I hadn’t played in a long time; capture the flag.  We used paper plates for the flags and agreed on a few rules.  The plate had to be at least a little visible, the tree in the front yard was one jail, and the steps in the back were the other jail.  We divided the yard into two bases: front and back.  The first round was girls against boys.  We had four girls, they had three boys.  Piece o’ cake.  We also had the larger backyard.  It was like they were giving us their flag. 

For those of you that don’t know, the goal of capture the flag is to capture the other team’s flag.  Simple as that.  As long as you are on your side of the yard, you are safe, but as soon as you step into the other teams base you can be tagged and dragged to their jail.  From there you proceed to hope that your team cares enough about you to rescue you.  To rescue another team member you just need to run to the jail and tag that member.  From there you get to run to your side without being tagged.  Do not fret, make good use of your time in jail.  The flag is visible, so look for it.  You cannot leave the jail, but still look. 

Girls won the first round, and we played two more.  Those rounds were four vs. four because another girl joined the fun.  This time it was 6th graders against other grades.  Other grades won the first round, and 6th graders won the second round.  All in all, a fun game.  Personally, I prefer cops and robbers.  I am epictastic at that game.  The trick is to be a robber, not a cop.  Once you have achieved that, do not make an alliance with another robber.  They will be caught, and they will expect you to save them (you save them the same way you do in capture the flag).  Cops and robbers is really fun in the dark.  We played in the dark.  It was awesome.  There were fences to jump over, cars to hide behind, and porch lights to avoid.  I was the last person caught both of the times we played. 

The last (and maybe least) game we played was hide and seek.  In a dark basement. I was only “it” once.  It’s not so much that I was an awesome hider (which I am) or that the seekers were terrible, but the other hiders were awful.  They didn’t even try to hide, they just stood around.  It was quite hilarious, actually.  People were constantly yelling things like: “Who touched my arm?”, “Don’t sit on me!”, and “Stop petting my leg!”.  Yeah, it was pretty messed up.  You could hardly see anything which made it fun.  Being “it” was thrilling because you could scare the hiders.  A simple “Boo!” went a long way. 

I got an idea for a story from these games.  Teens would be playing these games, but there would be a catch: if you lost, you died.  It’s just a vague idea.  I think I’d call it “Childs Play”, “Trusting the Rules”, or “Catching Death”.  It sounds a little like The Hunger Games, but it’s not yet developed.  What do you think?


5 thoughts on “Hide and Capture the Robbers

  1. BTW, it’s “Child’s Play.” The child is the one who has the play. Good alternative title ideas, but there are some catches that I hate to bring up. Out of respect, authors don’t title their books something that has already been taken. (“Child’s Play” has been nabbed. The other two are still available.)

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