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You wanted a guest blogger (according to my How am I Doing? page), and now you’ve got one!  I won a contest with a poem I wrote, and I got a guest blogger!  Enjoy!

Hey ya’ll.
I’m Shelby and I’m the proud blog owner of and Writing is my favorite thing in the whole world (besides the whole family/friend thing… gotta love ’em.) so when I discovered the whole blogging world, i fell in love (practically). Blogs just open up the world (on the world wide web, I mean…) and it’s just so fabulous when you get to write about anything you want.
So, KT, (awesome owner of the blog you’re reading RIGHT NOW!) sent in her wonderful poem to me that she hasn’t named yet and she won one of the contests I held over at And the prize she picked is to have me guest post right here! So, first I am going to tell you a little bit about myself (random and stupid facts), and then: if I come up with one, I will make up an interesting story right on the spot:
  • I was born June 4
  • Favorite color: periwinkle
  • favorite singer: Scotty Mcreery (American Idol Season 10 Winner, I am in Love *swoon*)
  • favorite book/author: Delirium by Lauren Oliver ( It’s going to be a 3 book series, you have to read it! I order you to!!
  • favorite sport: volleyball ( i also take dance lessons, this is my 11th year)
  • hobbies: dance, theater (acting classes for 3 years, want to continue), volleyball, writing (DUH! :)), reading, shopping, eating chocolate, list goes on…
  • future (hopefully turns out this way): want to be a full time author AND teacher (how the heck do i do that?).. not sure yet… and go to the University of Pittsburgh, get my bachelors’ and masters’ degree in Secondary Education (so middle school teaching, fun, huh?), get a job in Pennsylvania (or a state surrounding it.. Hey Ohio! Wazzup?!), and then write, write, write, and do some teach, teach, teaching along the way. I want to get married at 25 (give or take a few years) and have 3 kids (fraternal twins: 1 boy, 1 girl… and then a few years later have another kid of i-dont-know-what-gender. I also want to be a bestselling author by 28. Those are my goals in life. Wanna share yours? Gee thanks!
Writing Experience:
  • I won the Paralyzed Veterans of America Contest in 2010. It was pretty awesome. I was one of the ten finalists out of over 850 entries around the country. Yeah, I felt special. Plus, I got a T-Shirt, a certificate, a letter, two fan emails (from random people who I didn’t know), and my dad’s friend put it up on his website for some unknown reason.
  • I am participating in Nanowrimo this year for the first time. You can add me as a friend there of course (im sstods!) and my plot goes like this: there’s a future Holocaust in the land of Inguana. Europe is non-existent now, it was taken over by.. the, Inguanians? Sure, let’s go with that. No, that just sounds like were those creepy little lizard things that hiss at random people. Let’s scratch that.Inguanians.
  • Ok, so that’s about it for me.
Ok, here’s my challenge for you and me ( i am making this up on the spot!). Write exactly a 150 word story… short story, or if you wanna call it a novel you can, but im just saying it’d be more of a short story. So here’s my random shot at it… right now! I am putting it into Word so I know its 150 words. Here goes nothing:

He slowly, carefully, climbed up, up. Drifting softly through the air, like a bird, just learning how to fly. But then, the feeling stopped. Everything stopped. The sun blazed through the open window, blinding him. He managed to tear his eyes open and look around.

               How did I get here? A dream. That’s all he thought it was. Until now. Until that dream became a reality. What was going on? He was flying, through the air, soaring every way imaginable. Splat, he thought, just landed to the ground.

               Wish to do that again… wish that could be every day. He thought of the feeling; so great, splendid. Suddenly, a shadow covered up the sun coming in from the open window. A man with black gloves and a mask loomed over and grabbed him.

               Scream!, he though. Doesn’t matter, no one would hear me anyway. No chance now, I’m being taken.  

Wow, exactly 150 words. I might have to make that into a story. As a matter of fact, I will make that into a story. Now let me tell you about the challenges and contests I’m having at my blog right now so you can join in on the fun!

Challenges (there are no prizes for these, just fun!)

Why Do You Write? Send me your reason of writing to or comment on No Email addresses will ever be shared. Only posted on my blog with your first name.

Send Me Your Poem to or comment on No email addresses will ever be shared. Only posted on my blog with your first name.

Remember: You can send me any writing at any time and it will be posted on If it applies to a genre that I am or will hold a contest for, it will be entered into the contest (unless otherwise specified.) 🙂

12 Word Sentence: is the link so you can check that out. My example is on there and I am going to make that into a story, as well as my 150 word story posted above.

150 Word Story: you guys are the first to hear about this one: just write a 150 word story like I did, send it to me, and i will post it on my blog. Then, make it into a whole story with a plot and everything. Email to

Invention: is the link so you can check that out. My example of the invention I would have made is on there and you can send me your invention idea to or comment on my blog and i post it with first names only.

Take my poll (on the right side of and tell me what I can do better.

Contests (prizes are: I will guest post on your blog or you can guest post on my blog!)

Send me your creed to: You can see KT’s winning poem and about the creed contest here: Email me your creeds:

The Upcoming Contest: starts June 5, 2011. Send me your life metaphor (not until June 5) to

Check out the Contests Page on the right side of my blog for upcoming and current contests.

As you can see, I have so many things for you to enter and read at Thanks to ya’ll for entering. And thanks so much, KT, for having me. Feel free to visit me anytime. This is a great blog and I’ll be sure to tell my blogging friends about it! Thanks so much again! Feel free to email me anytime. If you haven’t gotten the email address down by now, yikes! Oh alright, I’ll give it to ya’ll one more time okay? its Haha alright, looking forward to hearing from ya’ll. How’d I do with this whole guest posting thing? Alright? Maybe not? Thanks for letting me know! Bye everybody and thanks for reading! <3, Shelby

Katie’s back again!  I hope you enjoyed Shelby’s guest post!  The font mysteriously changed in the middle of the post, and I don’t know how to change it back…  Anyways, thanks for joining us, Shelby! 


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