A Form of Torture

Yesterday, I experienced something torturous.  I suppose it wasn’t so bad seeing as this was the second time I’d been through this awful event.  This event consists of 700+ people getting their names called and then walking across a stage.  Normally, some people speak as well.  Have you figured out what this is?   They call this torture “graduation”. 

Stupid older brothers.  I am forced to sit through three hours of torture to watch you graduate highschool, but will you have to do the same for me?  No.  My oldest brother will probably be working and the other one (the one that graduated yesterday) will probably be in college.  Oh goody.  I bet I’ll have to sit through that graduation too.  The school my brother goes to (soon to be the school I go to) had graduation from 7-?.  ? turned out to be 9:30.  The graduates had to be there at 6:15, so that meant I had to be there at 6:15.  We left at 5:30.  I enjoyed a fine dinner of muti-grain Cheerios and a bottle of water. 

The one thing that made this slightly more bearable was a magical thing called wi-fi.  I used this connection to listen to Pandora Radio (check it out if you have an iPod Touch!) through my one good ear bud.  It’s not that my ear buds are broken, it’s my iPod.  Yes, somehow I managed to break my iPod so that the sound only comes out of the right ear bud.  Even when I plug it into the car, sound only comes out of the right speakers!  My iPod hates me.

I suppose there are only five more years until I walk across that same stage. 

Seven years down, five to go.  (No, school isn’t out for me yet.  They saved that for Thursday.  Pooh.)


4 thoughts on “A Form of Torture

  1. They say they know what it is like to be in school but if they did they would release us yet when they do another comes to destroy are lives.
    tis a truth u can not deny.

  2. Sorry. That sounds boring. Luckily, I am an only child, but I’ve gone to them for cousins, and will be going to quite a few next year, because all of my cousins are Juniors.

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