I can Cook

At the moment I am enjoying a most delightful drink that I concocted.  Is it still cooking if it’s a drink?  I don’t think it is, but for lack of a better word, let’s just say that I can cook.  What can I cook, you ask?  Well, I can cook hot chocolate.  Most people don’t think of hot chocolate when it’s 96 degrees out, and if they do, they pass out at the thought of it.  I am not most people.  If you’re crazy like me, and you want to know how to cook this hot chocolate, listen up.  (listen up?  Uh…  look closely.)  I will explain it to you in six easy steps. 

Step One:

Empty a packet of Swiss Miss hot coco into the bottom of a mug.  If you don’t have Swiss Miss, just use any other powdered hot coco. 

Step Two:

At a dash of cinnamon.  Trust me, it’s delicious. 

Step Three:

Add just enough milk to wet the cinnamon and coco powder.  This looks pretty gross, but hang in there. 

Step Four:

Add half a handful of chocolate chips.  I used the mini ones so they would melt faster, but the big ones should work just as well. 

Step Five:

Pour in the hot water.  You should know how much you need.  I can’t give you an exact amount because it depends on the size of your mug. 

Step Six:

Lastly, add a marshmallow or whipped cream.  If you’re feeling the need for extra sugar use both.  If you’re feeling fancy, sprinkle a tiny bit of cinnamon on the whipped cream. 

Here is where I should add a picture of the finished drink, but I already drank mine.  I guess you’ll just have to figure out what it looks (and tastes) like by making it yourself!  Enjoi!


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