Finally Over

That’s right.  School’s finally over.  Yesterday was my last day of school.  I’m so happy I could cry!  Now I have time!  Woo hoo!  I started the summer off with a doctor’s appointment today.  What a way to start the summer.  I got three warts taken care of.  I know, I know, gross, but at least I got rid of them.  I get to continue this joyous week with a dentist appointment on Monday.  Oh, goody.  Hopefully sometime over this weekend I will be able to get a hair-cut.  I want to get my hair cut short, and layered.  But I don’t care that I have a crappy start to my summer; I’m just happy that summer is here! 

My goal over the summer is to read a whole novel every weekend.  That and I want to finish a novel of mine.  I also have a birthday in the summer!  Isn’t that great?  I’ll creat a birthday bonanza post, but I’m telling you now that it won’t be posted on my birthday.  My 100th post is also fast approaching.  I had planned to do something special for my 50th post, but I forgot and the opportunity passed.  Over the summer, I hope to build a virtual home here on my blog.  I want to personalize my blog so it’s mine and mine alone. 

I hope school is over for you too, and I hope you make some goals this summer.  Get something done, and make this summer memorable.  Actually, forget I said that.  Make this summer the most memorable you’ve ever had and ever will have. 



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