My Adventures with Time

I have found that time has an odd way of speeding up and slowing down at different times during the day.  Yes, time seems to speed up when something unpleasant lurks in your future and seems to slow down when you’re waiting for something fun to come along, but I feel that, for me, time will speed up and slow down at certain times of day everyday.  I know, I’m insane, but hear me out. 

 Mornings are just a blur for me.  Always.  So from the time that I wake up until ten or eleven AM, time passes very quickly.  That’s probably because I’m tired, but whatever.  The next period of time is from ten AM to three PM.  This is the longest length of time I have in my wonderful adventures. 

From ten to three, time seems to slow down.  You put a movie on, and you wonder how it’s still playing half an hour later.  You think it should be over now, but it seems to be going so slowly.  It isn’t a bad slow, it’s a good slow.  Like you can spend all the time that you want just reading a book, or eating lunch.  Speaking of lunch, I engaged in a cut-throat battle to eat some microwave mac and cheese.  Then I ate some soup that spilled on a table, and, to top it all off, I ate a relatively normal two pieces of cheese pizza.  Mmmmm…

Next, comes three to six.  During these hours, time seems to be doing 60 in a 30mph zone.  You can’t seem to get enough done.  You glance at the clock and it’s four.  You glance again not long after and its 5:45.  Lastly, six to 10 (or whenever you go to sleep) are the hours that set the standards for all of the other hours.  Starting at six, time slows to a normal pace.  Not too fast, not too slow. 

So do you agree with me?  Disagree with me?  Do you think I’m crazy?  I am crazy.  Tell me when you think time speeds up and slows down.  I eagerly await your feedback.


4 thoughts on “My Adventures with Time

  1. My time slows down when I’m doing something I enjoy. Period. School is very long. Shopping is too. Blogging/ Writing time is way to fast. Reading time goes by faster than a cheetah.

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