Frenzy’s Post

Hi!  This is Frenzy, and I am substituting for Katie while she is away at camp.  I’m not even close to as good of a writer as Katie, but I’ll do the best I can.

Have you ever found something that marks who you were as a younger self?  Whenever I clean, there is no doubt I will find something.  Just a couple of weeks ago, I was cleaning the art shelf, and I found a reading journal that I wrote in fifth grade.  I used to think I was such an amazing writer.  I wish I could quote exactly what I found in it, but I am currently out of town.  It was absolutely hilarious, going over things that I used to think were pure genius.  Basically, my entries went something like:  “I can’t explain how much I love Harry Potter.  I’ve read the series over ten times!  I think I love Harry Potter because the writer makes you really close to the characters.”… and that was it. I swear I had about ten different entries saying something like that.  Oh, did I mention it was graded?

I used to write a lot of stories as well.  In fourth grade I wrote a story about two aliens who traveled to Earth because their sun had blown up.  They helped save Earth because Earth’s sun was also about to explode.  Somehow they evacuated the entire population and took them all to a different planet where they lived happily ever after.  The end.  It was ten whole pages long!  That was pretty exciting for me.  There were a lot of different problems in the story that make it so funny to read now, over four years later.  For example: the two aliens escaped their planet about a half an hour before the sun exploded.  Somehow they didn’t burn.  And why did they leave all the other aliens behind to face their death?  They weren’t even sad that they had friends and family on that planet.

There are so many ways to remember how you were as a little kid.  Pictures, home videos, stories, journals, drawings, and talking to people who knew you when you were little are just a few.  It’s funny, and a little sad to see how different you are now, how much you have grown up  (at least, I HOPE you have matured a bit).  Sometimes, ignorance is better than being how we are now.  I like to think about how I was when I was little because ignorance was such a bliss.  I never dreamed that there was anything wrong in the world.  Drugs, violence, war, cursing, bullying, pain, and death never crossed my mind at that age, but today we face it every day.  So sometimes, it’s nice to visit yourself years ago when you can escape the flaws of our Earth today.

Sorry if I bored you to death!  I hope you are not dead!  Katie will be back before you know it.  Thanks for putting up with me!  Happy Father’s Day!



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