Facebook (and Draco Malfoy’s Face)

I know what you’re thinking. Something along the lines of “which of Katie’s friends is writing this?” or “wtf does Facebook have to do with Katie?”
Well to answer you’re questions, this is Slacker. And what does Facebook have to do with Katie? A lot. I got a wish from  our dear Katie a few weeks back. For this wish, I requested she get a Facebook. Obviously. She doesn’t have one and to solve the problem of my future summer boredom, I could always make her give me the password and mess around on it, liking stupid pages or friending random people. But no. I was deprived of getting my wish granted by an irritated Katie claiming that I really shouldn’t be texting her at 2 am on a school night with such meaningless trivial things. Not her exact wording but whatever.
So readers, should Katie get a Facebook? Tell us your thoughts using the poll below.

This blog post seems too short, so im gonna ramble for a bit. I want a Motercycle….my best friends in Montana….I have to workout later….my other best friend tried to make out with a  holographic movie cover….
Ooh that sounds like a fun thing to elaborate on doesn’t it? So I was at Fur’s house because Katie and I were bored and I know where Fur lives. So we walked into her house unannounced and ate all her food. Good friends, Right? Anyway after sharing a wonderful meal of 2 macaroni and cheese freezer things I found in furs freezer, we started watching hparry potter and the prisoner of azkaban. Draco is awesome, just saying. Fur was looking at the covers of the different movies and I notice she keeps kissing the cover of half -blood prince and looking pissed afterwards. I ask her what she’s doing and she tells me she’s trying to make out with Draco Malfoy. For all you lame people who have not read Harry potter or seen the movies, this is the hot blonde guy who picks fights with Harry all the time. So after she gets frustrated, I try to do it. And it was so hard! (that’s what she said) I kept making out with Harry cuz the hologram thing kept changing. And Harry is too much of a nerd to make out with. Draco, on the other hand…*creepy smile*
I’m sure I’ve bored most of you by now and you’ve all gone back to read yesterday’s post (which was awesome) but to anyone who’s still reading, tell me how I did. Send me a review. If you don’t, I might just find my way into your bedroom with a dull knife at three in the morning. 🙂 just kidding! ….maybe.



5 thoughts on “Facebook (and Draco Malfoy’s Face)

  1. Oops… Forgot to log off on katie’s profile so I had to like this post twice >.< haha I love how we both wrote about Harry potter 🙂 oh and when you get back, Katie, I want the same wish!!! You gotta get a Facebook! 🙂


    HAHAHAHA! 4 people are for me getting a facebook, and 5 people are against! I’m the fifth! I’ll probably get one though, if only to keep in touch with my friends at camp.

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